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Well... not to bump the thread to much, but just ordered the Caswell Plating Manual, let the anodizing setup build begin!!!
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Ok there is allot in this thread I just read the entire thing. As someone said caswell is extremely expensive, however they will sell you allot of chemicals that can be otherwise hard to get. Should you guys really get going you can PM me I get all my chemicals from industrial supply in 30+gal drums, I am more than happy to help the home brewers save a few bucks if I can I also have allot of experience with anodizing so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask as long as itís not about any of the process I have developed on my own I will be more than willing to share what i know.

I also feel inclined to tell you that anodizing is an expensive addiction!

Good luck and good job thus far keep posting you works
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Stripper hasn't been a problem since I'm reworking the surface afterward anyway.

Do you carry dyes?
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Power Supply?

Originally Posted by Rainman229 View Post
For those thinking of doing a setup .
To help you save some money on setup.

4 Buy your self a descent power supply( don't need to be a rectifier like most say)
I'm using Pyramid PS52KX Power Supply and MASTECH DC POWER SUPPLY VATIABLE 0-30 VOLTS @ 0-10 AMPS - eBay (item 200457136930 end time Jun-01-10 07:25:11 PDT)
Both work well but always seem to use the Pyramid.
I know this thread is a bit old but I figured I'd ask you on here for the benifit of all who might want the same answer. I've been shopping for a power supply to do some home-anoing, and I guess I'm just trying to figure out what the benifits of having an adjustable current AND voltage would be... I noticed the Pyramid you say you use only has the adjustable Voltage, and it seems that it wouldn't make a difference having an adjustable current since the current that's drawn would be based on the resistance from the size of the part(s) being anodized... unless I'm missing something in the way the anodizing process works... Also, as far as the voltage, do you just push a constant 12V through your parts, or do you actually need to adjust the voltage?

Any input on this would be much appreciated... thanks!
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