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Post Apocalyptic Build Off ENTRIES.

This thread is for the Post Apocalyptic Build Off Entries ONLY.

Please format posts.

Marker Used:



Please no comments/texts post, entries only.

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The Man With No Plan
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Title: Post Apocalyptic Marble Shooter
Builder: Ryan "Super Stanchy" Stanchfield
Marker Used: Smart Parts Ion
-Mech Ion
-Smavv3 Way
-Galvanized Pipe
-Galvanized Pipe Barrel Cap
-Half of a HaloB (Rip Drive Only)
-Custom Trigger Mount
Chrono: 280 +/-8


More Pictures @

sorry it took so long to get video... we had a flood the last 4 days

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Fan of EMR
Title: Roadwarrior style Saw off shotgun
Builder: Sean "Chaos" Matthews
Marker Used: PMI-1
Specs: PMI-1 with Bluestreak trigger group and cut down KP-2 stock. All brass add on's and leather work done by me as well
Chrono: 268-290 (only good for about 12 shots at the moment)


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Title: Sawzballs
Builder: Tim (pillage) McCreery
Marker Used: My scratch built double barreled Sheridan
Specs: , two PMI1 barrels,Ty Mcneer's brass valve tube, Paulownia wood grips, cart valve containing sadistic smurfs with a hangover. Sawzall blade bayonet. Solder, lots of solder.
Chrono: 280-300fps


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My Feedback Thread[/SIZE][/SIZE]

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My build is all here.............
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Title: Post Apocalyptic VM
Builder: Bret (BretG) Golihew
Marker used: Sheridan VM68
Specs: 12" Frost free valve barrel
Chrono: 280-290 fps

This is a Post Apocalyptic VM68 which is in the Zombie apocalypse as depicted in The Omega Man.

Chuck carried a S&W Model 76 with a large flashlight under the barrel while hunting the Zombies. I just had to replicate that mounting.

I wasn't going to even enter the build-off, but something happened at home that sparked my interest. I had to replace our outside faucet. I went to the hardware store to get a new 12" frost free valve and I realized it would make a great barrel in a world that didn't have any stock ones. So my VM68 has a barrel from a plumbing valve.

It started life as a rental VM. I picked it up for a few bucks and rebuilt the internals to get it working again. This VM was selected because it looked like it had already been through an apocalypse. I've never seen one so beat up before.

The frost free valve needed to be opened up a little. The internal diameter is .690 shiney brass.

I fitted a short section of .680 barrel into a cut section of VM barrel and mated it with the valve pipe.

Shooting over the chronograph, the barrel worked perfectly giving 280 to 290 consistantly.

I had to have a damaged Lonestar stock grip with brass wire holding it together after it was used to crush a Zombie skull.

A wooden frame made the stock snow shovel handle, tank mount, and foregrip all tie together.

Shooting it at the field, note the puff of CO2 and you can see the red paintball in flight above the spool.

This configuration is the final form. Pictured is the flashlight with Omega Man style mounting, a Pointsight found at OA in Bowie which had lain out on the ground long enough to discolor, and the SRP Equalizer 20 round magazine feeder. Boy is this heavy. I carried it in several games at Wannaplay and it has been blooded.

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Title: PBR Spyder Rifle
Builder: Shop Boy
Marker Used: Spyder one
Spyder body
Screwdriver Handle grip
2x4 Front grip
6" death spike
High speed metal attachments (PBR Cans) with pop top Washers
Funnel/tape Hopper
Cocker Stock
16 oz tank


Sorry But I do not have a Video capabilities. If that washes me out I don't really care. It was too much fun making this marker I hope you like it.
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Wow finally "finished" this thing. Enough for pictures anyways.

It's heavily inspired by Fallout III so it's not realy traditional Post Apoc but anyways...

Title: Crank Action Nuka Rifle

Builder: Marbo40k

Marker Used: What used to be a 97ish Autococker body

Specs: Crank action, Powered by NukaCola Quantum

Chrono: 248-262fps

Some pics to show how the crank action works...

front end...

nuka cola Quantum "Power Source"...

Some pics of the lights...

Thanks for looking
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C'mon Man!
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Title:the long range poking stick
Marker Used:2k autococker
Specs:bolt action


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Title: Jury Rigged Nelspot
Builder: heinous
Marker Used: Half a Nelspot
Specs: Incomplete Nelspot, self imposed rules of no power tools, no custom parts and all salvaged non-paintball parts, ended up being shoestrings, door lock screw, adhesive clay, and a fork. more details
Chrono: 240 +- 5



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