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DRV Project in the Works: The "Big Damn Hero"

Just a little something I've been working on lately, figured it was time to start a thread on it. It's far from complete but I've made some decent progress lately. Basically, my goal originally was to make the DRV into a Colt Dragoon type replica... But with the cost of brass and the complexity of making a whole new trigger frame from said brass, I changed direction toward the Colt Python (admittedly, and to my own shame I became a fan of this gun through COD Black Ops)... By freak accident/messing around I wound up going in more of a Firefly-esque direction in the design- that being an older pistol with modernized attachments, sort of a spacepunk type deal. Thus, I present to you, the early phases of the Big Damn Hero DRV :

Top Rail/Rib w/ Integrated Iron Sights (not fully mounted yet, needed to order screws and a 1/8" mill to finish the front sight):

And a preview of the future (LOTS to do before the grip is done, right now it's just one half leaning against the frame as I hold it, but it gives you an idea):

Update 3/17/12!!!


Smoothed/Polished Hammer

Stock hammer for comparison:

Sight picture:

Finally got the mounting of the sights finished, front is pinned on, rear is bolted on using a 2-56 screw (tiny little freaking bugger). Also decided to swap out some of the stock hardware for brass screws, wanted to get an idea how it would look before I pulled the trigger completely so I'll probably be ordering the other screw types soon.

Swapped to the black grip from my newer DRV, probably going to stipple the sides and backstrap like I did on the previous two I owned:

Probably just going to run it like that for a while before putting any more money/work into it. Frankly, my wallet is in pain at the moment so I'm going to wait until I can sell off some gear, finish my tax return, and rebuild the slush fund before getting into building the wood grips. Might actually play with it this Sunday at Cousins' NJ's Dark Ops Extreme 9 if anyone local wants to stop by.
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I'm a big fan, nice job Rogue
That grip looks super sexy on it and extra rep for Firefly :0)
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this is gonna be REALLY nice, looking forward to seeing it with finished grip design!
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WOAH! That's awesome.
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Looks great! I'm interested to see how you run the air source.
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you continue to outdo yourself rogue. this is truly an awesome marker. The wood really sets it off.. and hogue style grip would look good too.
The top looks so much better then a stock DRV now.. im a big python fan and even more of fiber optics on pistols. Way to go my friend.. ill be watching this one.


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Reminds me of something that Roland Deschain would carry from the Dark Tower.

Nice work!
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Brass and Wood Fan
Shiny. Good lookin' plinker ya got there.

Andry : )

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That's just nasty. Can't wait to see it finished.
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All its missing now is a 9x scope.
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