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Working on it!!!
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I have 2 end mill holders on there way in the mail. Thanks for the tip though. I have had 2 other people tell me that.
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my entry

getting this from Uranus, i should be able to get it working by the end of the month. ill put up some more pics when it arrives.
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two sl68II's with broken feednecks and missing parts; I'll be restoring them; nothing fancy, gonna fix the feednecks and rebuild them, maybe a shot of paint. I was going to go wild with a uniform stock feed, but that can wait for another competition.
did you get that thing i sent you?

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Okay. Here's mah SL-68 II. Got it from TREYisRAD or however he spells it. I'll include a timeline of pics and some descriptions of each.

This is Trey's pic. Just a bone-stock SL. That didn't last.

Here are some cheap webcam pics. Filed down the sight rail and started working on the paint removal.

After looking at it, I got file happy. I did all the milling with a hand-file and some sandpaper. Removal of sight rail done with a hacksaw. I'm too cheap for a mill set-up. Heh.

Group shot with Claudio's creation. Which I love.

Then I threw some color on it. I like it, personally.

And that's mah projekt. You like?
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Originally Posted by Robertsr View Post
Robertsr... I'll be watching this closely for ideas on how to restore/dress up MY Badger. (Same condition.)
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I know im a little late but here is what im gonna try and finish before the end.

Im a little late to enter can I still?

well here is what im gonna try and restore by the end of the month

Just got it off ebay and its in some rough shape. But as a hint I LIKE GOLD!!!!!! and I am going to do everything myself when I am home from school.
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Brass Monkey Customs
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Project finished!

Here we are...

This poor abused KP started out like this...

And through a lot of TLC, it ended up like this...

The blog style build is located here.

I went out and shot the KP today. It is still wonderful to handle and shoot.

Now that this is over... time for bigger and better projects...

Brass Monkey Customs

Brass Freak, Freak XL compatible and Equation inserts in .670, .678, and .685

Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock available!

My feedback: MCB - eBay - AO

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