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New mag build. Design/etc Journal

I've got access to playtime on a few NC mills in the near future. I've been playing with some ideas as to how I want to take another swing at a past failed Automag design. While it worked it was not particularly well put together and very sloppily completed.

Hopefully I can get some input from others here to keep me thinking and improving. Personally I am a function over form guy. I have not an ounce of aesthetic creativity in me. Input here would be OUTSTANDING. Functional input is welcome as well.

As I will be treating this like a running design diary (eventually machine diary as well) I will be updating when I can and trying to keep a format.

Overview :

The over all idea is that it's a custom frame, rail and foregrip (Im going to call them lowers ala Emag) with the capability to run with a Clapper noid, EP noid and regular pnuematic. Should this work and work well I will probably be making a few more as well as trying my hand at a body or two.

The frame is a bastardization of some shocker geometry and is split into two halves down the center. It's held together with 3 4-40 screws and aligned with 3 1/8 dowels. The trigger is an equal bastardization. The mounting holes are standard cocker hole locations BUT it is offset about an inch backwards. This is mostly to shift the weight of the marker forward. It also serves to align the actuator (pnuematic ram or clapper) directly under the seer arm. I don't like wrap around grips personally so I've opted to go for an in-set pair of grips that are approximately .06 thick. The ASA will be mounted from a "top down" perspective, with the 10/32's threading into the ASA

The rail is pretty straight forwardly an expanded/modified Emag rail. Additional holes/bits have been put on for the ease of jig set ups and finishing. The biggest departure from a standard design is that the seer axle is a dowel being held in by two 10/32 plugs rather than a threaded rod. I've extended it backwards to blend into the frame a bit easier.

Now for pictures : Obviously some bits are missing (alot of bits) but this is the general direction. I'd like some feedback on it in a general and specific sense. Picture One is with a fore-shortened rear. Normally Im not a big fan but I figured I'd give it a shot.




It was like one day I woke up and every paintball field had been occupied by a slightly overweight military force.
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And after a brief hiatus I'm back.

Some things have been sorted out and simplified.

- Firing control is now a Universal Tboard with a solenoid capacitor configuration.
- As such, all firing components and the battery are now located in the main frame rather than the foregrip
- Clamshell design remains intact.
- The rail is now getting a bit of a weight redux diet.
- The foregrip is now more of a traditional bike grip sort of thing that can slide about 2 inches back and forth on the front of the rail rather than being static. Lacking that I might do a shorty grip that goes with how I tend to hold my markers.
- I'm willing to try some eyes in there. Just to see how it works out.


The frame doesnt seem very...snazzy? It's very plain jane. I would like to maybe engrave a logo on it but that still doesn't kill all that much space. Logo in this case is also up for discussion.

Frame thickness is .8, which is kinda thick.

Planned annodizing is going to just be a matte black.

It was like one day I woke up and every paintball field had been occupied by a slightly overweight military force.
- Agglet
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Noid came in today, ready to rock as far as dimensions/cutting are concerned. Going to do a quick set of MDF prototypes thurs and then cutting begins.

In the mean time, shading!

It was like one day I woke up and every paintball field had been occupied by a slightly overweight military force.
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I'm surprised no one has commented on this yet... I don't know much about mags but your work is looking top notch Matt.
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Looking good Matt! I look forward to seeing it on the field this season!
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Just found this. Nice work. I will be watching the progress, I have a build in mind as well. I cant draw with cad so I am a bit envious of your drawings, lol.
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i swear i have seen something like this before hmmm.... oo ya my mag lol

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Cut the first frames today (only 4 weeks after I had intended to. Right on scheduel)

The vote is negative. The spacing is simply too much for a comfortable grip, the guard has a weird angle and doweling the thing together is kind of a waste when screwfit will do.

Im split 50/50 on wether or not it is worth it to machine the thing in two plates or not. Originally I had lots of running tubing/wires but now I do not and the point seems to have waned.

Back to the drawing board. I used a shocker frame as a design base but after screwing around with a mini for the last few days I feel that I have made a poor choice. The mini frame is far, far more comfortable to dick around with than the shocker. Considering a Mini is a mag is a mini I dont want to ape too many design aspects that would render it sort of mute.

Components I know I am sticking with:
-Inlay style grip panels : I think they look neat.

-Clapper Noid + UTB. Eventually I want to get fancy and program up an Arduno...The issue with that being I don't know dick all about coding. I want to leave room in the future for running the board in the foreward grip.

-Shockerish frame. I feel like copying a mini frame directly is a cop out.
It was like one day I woke up and every paintball field had been occupied by a slightly overweight military force.
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Pics are still good. Especially for a build journal.
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