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Grip Frame EL Wiring

Has anyone ever tried to mount EL wiring on markers that have translucent grips panels? Or have any experience with EL wiring period?

Can this be done somewhat easily with using the “typical” hardware found within the grip frame that powers most markers?

It’s always cool to see into the grip frame but would it not be cooler to have some sort of an effect within them?

I understand that this is purely an aesthetic “upgrade”, it will run the battery down faster and EL wiring may or may not be visible during period of bright sunlight…. But thought this might be very cool nonetheless….
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the EL wiring I've worked with for computer case mods requires a large (for a paintball marker) transformer. You might have better luck with LED light strips like these:

RC LED Lights

The 12 LED strips are about 6" long and from what I understand can be cut to length. They are designed to run on 12v for full brightness but I've run them on 9v before and they do light up.
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You could drive it off the same batteries as Heinous' speaker system and get a full show.

I have not wired any, but it looks like the size of the inverter (driver circuit) is the main consideration. The drivers can run around 1000Hz on square waves, so I wonder if you would have a noise problem installed next to the marker board.

It would be neat to switch the driver off of the firing circuit, for color or brightness; if not off the music, of course.

From the numbers I've seen, it looks like a meter would draw about 20 mA off of a 9 volt, which isn't too bad.
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It's a pig to terminate, but I hadn't soldered for years.
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You need a power converter if you're using a DC battery (at least that's how I remember it).
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