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RatFink's Counter Sniper (Finished! 8/20/14)

At long last, it's finally finished, as I had originally envisioned it. It's tuned well now, runs on unregged CO2. It's easy to aim with Wally's awesome drop stock, it puts the barrel right in front of your eye and it shoots soooo straight. I have to say I am very happy with how this turned out.

This has been an ongoing project of mine for over two years. I have picked at it a little at a time and slowly, but surely, it's almost done. In an effort to get psyched for SPEW West and get this thing done within the next month, I'm throwing up my build thread. I have made most of the parts for this marker myself. My goals were to build an old KP style brass bodied marker that is as advanced as possible Bringing some nostalgic style to a Half blocked Sheridan based Sniper type marker. Two main goals of quiet and light weight.
Here is where I am now.

I started by designing a direct feed slip over feed neck with detent that fit a clamp I picked up on the cheap.

I then talked to Ty and picked up some .679 barrel stock as well as some Sheridan bottom tube. I ported the barrel with progressive sized holes. I milled and drilled the bottom tube according to what needed to be done.

Ty had some great ideas, and we talked for quite a while throwing ideas back and fourth. when we were done, I ended up going with a cartridge valve from an air rifle.

I took the front of the valve off as it was accommodating for 12 gr. CO2's and I just wanted a small expansion chamber to tap into. I then dug up an old bent titanium landing gear strut.

I then whittled a hammer from said strut.

I then embarked on coming up with a sled, as I saw no other option for my build, but to go with a half block style.

with the sled moving forward, I needed a bolt. I had some Delrin rod stock to turn down. I added a detent and drilled in a fixture at angle to incorporate a Venturi style porting, hoping to cut the standard brash Sheridan sound signature down a bit more.

I happened to have some old Titanium brake pad pins from a race bike I was able to easily turn into a bolt pin.

I got tired, so I took a nap.

I wanted the bottom tube to be as short as possible to keep it tucked tight, so when I had my lengths set, I started turning out my pump handle. this turned out to be quite the trick. Long story short, I made the handle two piece, so the front half would index to the inside diameter of the lower tube, enabling me to add a return spring and the hollow rear section was knurled and turned out to register on the O.D. of the lower tube. The result is a slop free smooth pump handle turned from Delrin.

Once I got the hot work done, this is basically what I had. Titanium was used for the pump rod as well and the threads were turned with a single point cutter on a lathe.

It was time to move on to the trigger group. I came up with my basic design following Cocker sear and hammer geometry. I had to adapt the geometry to work in the wood and this is the rough of what I have come up with.

I still have some more drilling and tapping in order to get everything to finalize, but here is the trigger group on the barrel assembly.

I needed to make a nice trigger guard that would re-locate the through holes in the wood to coincide with my new trigger group, so I came up with this. It sort of sandwiches the wood between the guard and the trigger group.

3/10: This weekend I drilled and tapped for both the cocker detent, and the 1/8 pipe thread for the air source. I aired it up with no leaks. I got it to dry fire and it sounded pretty weak. I may need a softer valve spring.

I'll post up more pictures as I make progress, and I hope to make a lot of progress fast now.
I made a little more progress. I stopped by ANS the other day and picked up a nos Cocker RVA for a few bucks. I have always liked how they did these.

I only wanted to scavenge this part form it.

Then it was back to the CNC for some more work on the Counter Sniper's RVA body.

The Mill hiccuped a few times while profiling the back block, but it's nothing that won't buff out. I'm going to leave it raw cut for now though.

4/3/13 I burned out the ASA today. It took most of my day and it's not finished with all the milling I want, but it's plumbed through and ready to go for the weekend.

Nailed down to the wood...

I ordered a Dyna valve from Palmers the other day, so basically just waiting for that to come for a final assembly, test and tune. SPEW III is this weekend and I really want to use this beast.
4/4/13 Damn USPS... I ordered my Dyna valve on Monday, here it is Thursday and no valve in the mail yet. I only live about six hours from the place, you would think it would have been here by now. I need some time to get it tuned...

Well, I went off to SPEW with the beast just last minute slapped together. I had to regulate the input pressure down to get the velocity up to playable, but I had a blast with it on Sunday and even scored two eliminations in the very first game I used it in, which I take as an omen. This thing has a great destiny ahead of it...
Edit update: My new valve arrived and it was even the aluminum body I was looking for.

I ported the transfer and left everything else alone. I threw a Palmers dyna valve in it, the green spring I was last using, mated it to my transfer chamber and right out of the box it shot 320fps! I was happy I had fixed the problem that I had created by boring the old valve and creating too much surface area at the cup seal causing low velocity.

I did a little more work to the trigger group while I had it apart as well.
I had Wally do up a nice piece of wood for me so that I can get the drop I wanted along with a more vertical grip, so I can keep my elbow tucked in. It's perfect now, puts the barrel right in front of my eye and my goggle/mask doesn't hit the butt stock.

After two years, I finally profiled the ASA like I had originally wanted…

I would like to thank Sean Chip, Woouulf and Ty Mcneer for all their help along the way.
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That looks simply amazing! Can't wait to see this finished!

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You sir, are an ARTIST! Thats all im going to say, the gun looks amazing!
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Now what's a cocker?
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i came to this thread again and Im now changing my pants for the second time
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That's great!

Love the titanium bits with the brass.

I've been hoping to see more CNC stuff on sheridans. I know brass parts would be very expensive as short run items, but there are a lot of possibilities between wood, brass, CNC, and solder.
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love the look of the feedneck and bolt/half block system.
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How much to make a run of those feed necks?


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Can't say I enjoy using vert fed rifles, but great work!
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wow. amazing. one of the nicest sheridan's i've seen in a long time!
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Thanks for the kind words guys. Just as planned, I'm reaping motivation and moving forward. A few more details and the trigger group will be finished.
Ty, I could in no way produce a run of feed necks. I don't have the time, or the resources. I would be willing to share the model with anyone interested. The odd part would be the lever clamp. I found one from some old stock bnib that didn't fit any relevant marker, picked it up cheap and just threw away the neck.
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Don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining.
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i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..

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