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Closed-bolt Ion with working eye logic

Hey guys. So I've been working on this for a while, and I'm working on getting a shooting video and detailed writeup, but for now, I hope this video is of interest to some people.

Basically, I had a mechanical closed bolt Ion, and got the tinkerers urge to make it an electro with working eye logic. Bought a UTB from scenariodreams, a relay and some 6600uF caps off digikey, and went to town.

This video is my final proof of concept before i soldered the whole thing up and stuffed it into an ANS Ion frame. I will update in a couple days when I can get some detailed photos and a video of the install.

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Awesome,eyes are the only thing keeping me from converting my Ions to closed bolt
Very curious about this,subscribed
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Yeah, so about the eyes, I used a UTB, and when it was in breakbeam mode (according to the manual), the signal seemed to be reversed, which from talking with Yoda, was similar to the issue he had seen. Eyes blocked registered as not blocked, and vice versa. On a whim I changed it to bouncebeam mode, and suddenly it just worked. Go figure. Not sure if the UTB manual is wrong on scenariodreams website or if the logic is just wrong on the board.

When I actually got everything installed in the Ion I ran into another issue where, from what I saw, I believe that the eyes were looking for a ball too soon in the cycle and catching the closed bolt before it retracted. It would then de-energize the noid and close the bolt, and in general the action was way too quick for a ball to ever make it into the breech. Had to adjust some setting but I got it working last night.

ROF is limited by the nature of it being closed bolt, but currently I can get 8+. I'm sure I could adjust settings to get a bit more, but for my purposes that is fine.

All in all a fun project, though not something I'd be looking to do again any time soon . My soldering skills are horrendous. I'm actually kind of amazed it is working.

As a note, if someone is looking for a less homebrew way of doing this, supposedly as long as you use a 6600uF cap across the battery terminals to smooth out the power under load, the Tadao Ebisu Excal/Viking board will supposedly drive the mac33 without issues, and in Excal mode should also allow for correct closed-bolt logic.
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Very nice work.

I suspect a problem with the programming as I had Damon trying to help me figure it out and he was stumped himself.
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