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Originally Posted by Kilroy View Post
3D printing is the next manufacturing revolution!!!
Yeah, **** this mass produced commercial bull****, i'm gonna stick it to the man by getting everything 3d printed! Sure, my spork will cost me $30 but it will be made in America and be better then your spork cuz I designed it with my high school drafting skillz.
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3D printing is not ideal for mass production at all, but for single custom designed items or prototypes, it's perfect. If i had tried to have my trigger guard injection molded, I would have paid thousands. I paid like $25 to have it printed. My custom iPhone cases cost me about the same, which is a great deal for a custom case.

It's not great for large objects though.
Regarding My eBolt 98:
Originally Posted by danssoslow View Post
That is legitimately bad ***. Not "if Tippy's are your thing" kinda cool; but "you can shove your four figure, anodized, billet wizbang up your ***!, bioch!" kinda cool.
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Originally Posted by Buwaro View Post
I actually read your entire thread, its what made me really want to do this. ...your build is what made me say hell yes, I'm doing this.
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