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So that fancy J4 torque... Why haven't we made one using an old Etek yet?

So I've got some Etek2 parts sitting here doing absolutely nothing, then I thought "Wouldn't it be cool to attach the poppet to the ram?", and then I thought "But the poppet will let too much air through...". It occurred to me that if a new longer ram were built with the valve portion being made to shut itself off and the valve was modified to accommodate it, it could be done.

However, would this work in practice or would it rapidly unleash air in the process of opening the valve to the point where it would be incredibly inefficient.
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It's not quite the same. But, this is what I'm working on.

ICDO › Forums › ICDO Specific › ICDO Top Builder 2013 › Reinventing the wheel once more. Mechanical Bushmaster/Bko

MCB Feedback
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I really don't know how to compare them, but that is a neat project.

As I'm looking at it on my design, unless I'm running a pretty high pressure from the HPR the throw won't be long enough to be able to open it on one end late opening and close it at the end of the opening (I could still probably pull it off). The only problem is that for it to be able to fire in that very short window it will be able to recharge between the end of the cycle and when the bolt retracts, so it will effectively fire twice in the cycle. Once as it's going forward and once as it's retracting.

This would be so much simpler if I was doing it electronically as I wouldn't have to have it seal at the end of the throw.
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