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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
3600 rpm is 60 cps, which is 60 bps on a two-stroke cycle. It may not be pretty or profitable, but I see entertainment.

To avoid the extra pneumatic source, maybe you could use a charging handle/cycle and each subsequent cycle charges the next?
The ideal thing is to use the pressure of the gas before it makes it to the combustion chamber to cycle the pump arm, however I am not sure if there is enough volume or pressure to do it. a piston big enough to move the pump arm might have to much volume. A electro pnumatic solenoid would cycle the ram, the port that would normally vent gas would be connected to the combustion chamber.

Think of the ram like the fasor guns with a spring return, after the ball is fired a second delayed UTB operates the solenoid, The solenoid pushes the pump arm back using propane and the spring pushes it forward again, the propane that was vented from the solenoid is plumbed into the existing hose that feeds the combustion chamber with propane. The brass propane valve that the pump handle operates would be eliminated
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I love my C3. Super neat little pump, just terribly built IMHO. The barrel is plastic and non-replaceable, the junction between the combustion camber and barrel is an interesting U-shaped piece that has an o-ring on it to seal the two together (most common issue with C3s was that o-ring would fail and has to be glued in place just right in order to seal again), the entire thing is really difficult to service yourself (granted from what I've heard Tippmann and Tippmann dealers used to service these for free regardless of who owned it so long as you were willing to ship it in), pump stroke is ridiculously long but not overly hard if well lubed, and yes it does get hot if you pump fast enough. I figure that may be part of the reason, along with any blow back from the combustion being used to recock the marker risked excessive wear on the bolt. I for one would love to have a semi propane powered marker.

Still get kicks out of taking my C3 to the field and then at lunch taking the tank off and hooking it up to my little grill. Scared the crap out of people.
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Originally Posted by JMBishop View Post
If I was to guess why it failed I would guess it's just stupid paintball players. They are scared of it and if you've been in this sport for any amount of time you know that Paintball People Are Full Of BS. How many times have you heard the stories of frozen paintballs, shooting marbles,"I used to have a spyder sniper", and just all around ridiculousness. The word of mouth paintball crazy talk would be pretty common for this gun if the BSers even knew it existed.
Yeah the frozen paintball bit is something that annoys me I always hear that when i'm going to a field from the marshals but its bs unless you have liquid nitrogen dry ice or some scientific freezer that can go down to what is it about -50c then your not going to be freezing it if you just pop paintballs into any normal freezer it will just turn to mush.
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I would like to see more propane markers like a a pistol it would work well for that because of the limited fire rate.
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