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if any of your parts are dust finish and you want them to be gloss that will raise the price cause of the extra work involved. 16 parts at 10-15 bucks a part plus cost for polishing and your quote for 275 sounds good…personally ill only use Caustic Customs cause of tha work he does, his communication, his turnaround time and the fact that he has not one word of negative feedback,,,not to mention great prices!
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Arc Annodizing does good work and his prices for me were fair
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How can i get a hold of ano-tech, ATMF, and arc anodizing. I contacted dbc and am waiting for a reply.
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I've used ATMF many times (Excaliber, Ripper, 07 Borg, 04 Pro Stock, V2 LE, and 2012 Merlin) and have other projects that will go to them.

I will also say I'm going to send barrels to a different anodizer for match anodizing a Viking gruntbull did years ago. I have seen this 2cd anodizer's matching work and it looks great. His pricing is higher but I expect that for quality ano matching.

How to get ahold of ATMF?

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This might sound silly but Caustic's packaging is off the chain. Post ano each part is individually sealed in popcorn packing material and then some.
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you get what you pay for. I did anodize my own stuff but found out real quick that it is a pain in the asss. Polishing anything that was dust, sanding then polishing the pits that will show up when stripping,the amount of chemicals you have around,playing with bleach and acid at the same time (deadly) there is always a chance that some stupid kid don't know how to put his marker back together and blames the anodizer,there is a very good chance to mess things up.

I made up my mind not to anodize because of all listed above.
Before I did my own I cheaped out and went with helix over on and that was a joke 12 out of like 14 parts had flaws in them still cracks me up is he use's a picture of my marker on his web site.

Oh and there is the electric bill that went up like 25%+ and yeah that's a lot when it's $350+ every month

So good luck finding a cheap anodizer that puts out quality.
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Its not ano, but I can get you a gloss black done for $150 + $11.95 return shipping. See my thread for pictures of other markers I have done, also loads of other pieces I have done.
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