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Make sure that you're holding it pretty level too. That little brass piece relies on gravity to catch the hammer so if you tilt the gun too extremely it won't catch.
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Mine catches the hammer but the trigger doesn't hold the hammer to release wen assembled.
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She shoots! 270 +/- 4 for 32 shots then 3 plops and the 12 gram I lacks propellant to shoot anymore. I'm happy Phoenix is alive as I haven't aired her up since March. Since this is a tinker's gauntlet, to tinkered with the spring on the trigger. I found a few things...

I changed to tighter tension spring feed on the trigger and used a stock pump spring. I took the spring from a Krazy Glue pen that uses a similar length spring to the stock spring but its so tightly wound that it doesn't need a nail to hold straight.

1) A stronger trigger return spring with stock rear pump spring acts like an auto trigger. As the chamber closes the hammer is released without touching the trigger. Pushing the trigger stops this and it functions normal till you cock the hammer and the hair trigger shoots each pump. Auto trigger is great but it needs an open class feed neck to use this feature. It helps if you cock slow as this is a quiet mechanism if done right.

2) milling out a 5 mm diameter in the trigger plate that plugs into the hammer body section will allow a quick access to the valve. It's held together by 2 screws in the back body, but the trigger has no mid body attachment. It rests on the transfer chamber above the 12 gram bucket.

I'll have a shop day here soon where I'll make the minor mod to have a quick release section to the body.
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I really wish I played more and had a reason to keep this marker. Alas she is up for sale. I figured that while she is finicky but she shoots, sell her now. If I played more than 4 times a year I'd keep her, but with baby number 2 on the way, I'd sell the thumper to fund my dust devil hopper and paint for my daughter's new big girl bedroom.

PM me if interested. She's a good marker.
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And she is off to South Carolina to her new home. She was good to me, played in 2 games including I.O.N. and a pump game one weekend.

Alas I have a 2 year old and one on the way for this December to tinker with. My days of being a Thumper owner are over as I'm dwindling out of paintball. I'll keep my Phantom and Mag as they are bullet proof but I cannot get in as deep as I once was.

Best of luck Thumper and do not disappoint your new owner, he's on here.
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