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A powerful magnets should help
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Project Leprechaun is a good thread to read if you can make it through, Lurker developed a similar direct impingment "Sail". The data that was presented using the sail showed some inconsistency(crap paint), I feel there are two reasons for it.

One, once you crack the seal off its seat flow starts. Because your directly impinging flow you will be generating closing force while your trying open the valve. That means It could take slightly more or less time to fully open the valve.

Two, your not going to get completely even flow around the edges(you dont need the second oring) or through the ports. Meaning the closing force isnt going to be the exact same shot to shot.

With a little engineering #2 could be dealt with but I dont know what to do about #1.
One more thing to note, the direct impingment method overlaps the discharge and recharge events, limiting the time the valve can be open and limiting the pressure differential(delta P)across the sail. Another-nother thing to note was that Lurkers project L Sail was designed to run unregged 12ies.

Another approach to consider is the design I posted in the Leprechaun thread. Its an interupted linear actuator designed to run low pressure. My design should open faster, and reach full open consistently. It also separates the recharge event allowing a larger delta P, meaning the piston despite being a very small surface area can close the valve completely and relatively quickly. Remeber I am only a millwright by trade, not some superscientist.

My prototype equipt phantom was running on aprox 340psi. Unfortunately my ideas were well outside the scope of Project L and didnt get much interest. Looking at the cutaway you posted I think my setup could be adapted to work in a sniper or'cocker.

Neither design gained effiecency, my phantom was only a little smoother and quieter. Edit: What I mean to say is, you could make either design work but why?

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I like your idea, do you think lower tubes of cockers are pretty standardized in terms of how long to make it? Would need to make some different ones and experiment around with it... Thanks!
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Well I really shouldnt claim it as all my idea, I was building on work done earlier in project L. Several others deserve credit as well.

I have no idea what tolerences cocker bodies are held to. The oring doesnt need to slide very far into the smaller air passage, just enough to seal the chambers from each other. That will give you some leeway, but seeing as im not really a cocker guy I cant say anything for sure.
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A guy in my area did this back in the early 2000's. He did whole builds calling them Turtle Cockers. The popper seal was a sphere and the valve body was delrin. He eventually had to put in springs for reliability.
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Well there you go, dont bother cuz it sucks!

Sadly I cant speak to the reliability of my phantom conversion as ive only played once in the last three years.
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