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Stock Class Jersey Project.

I have been wanting to make this for a while because no matter how hard i look, I can not find a stock class jersey. I have seen the vest and harnesses but they just seem to bulky to wear over or under my Renegade jersey. So being stuck in the house during this rain storm in charleston, it gave me the time to finish my stock class jersey. I love my tiger stripe renegade, but it didn't have everything that i needed. So I used my renegade as a base.

I, with the help of my wife "Thanks Babe" customized it and created my own. This is the end outcome. It now has a hood to help conceal me better in the woods, It also has pockets, and it has 9 loops to carry 10 round tubes and 12 grams. I also made my own dump pouch out of left over fabric. This is just my first one, and i have other ideas, to include vents, more loops, and different camo's, such as military woodland, flecktarn, tiger stripe, and possibly digital. I want to hear your opinion and what do you think i should add or change.

Can you spot the 10 rounds tubes and 12 grams.

Left pocket.

Right pocket.

Me wearing it.
Graham's SCJ link.

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That's pretty awsome. You'll look like a floating purple phantom and flex frames.

Maybe sew in some thin elbow pads and sew on some rubber elbow patches.? Or even some netting on the back/arms so you can ghille it. I wish my girlfriend could sew =( I end up hand sewing my little projects
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That's Awsome! Love the hood idea. What do you plan in using around the cuffs? Elastic like the renegade would be Killer.
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I like the idea of the padding and elastic cuffs. I have been trying to find the same material for the cuffs, but i have been unlucky. I also wear gloves, so i wasn't really worried about. But on my next one, if i can find it, it'll be on there.
Graham's SCJ link.

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Great idea. I am surprised the jersey and harness haven't been merged before.
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Cool I deal. I like that you reinforced around the loops to stiffen the fabric. I also like the idea of concealing the tubes. The hoodie is cool.

I personally like keeping my tubes horizontally on my back by the kidneys. I have 1 inch spacing between the tubes for quicker grabs. 12 grams I keep up front.

Reconditions / my ideal jersey:

Make the hoodie out of a mesh material so it doesn't cause fogging issues with the mask. However make the lower part out of the sweat shirt material to give a little padding around the neck.

Make the pits or the sides with mesh as well to help vent.

pad the elbows.

Put horizontal tube rings in the back over the kidneys & conceal them with a flap that you can reach under. Put a vertical loop between them for a folding mop squeegee.

Put 12 gram loops around the sides like an shotgun belt but make a shallow pocket to conceal them too. It will also keep them form falling through the loops when running.

a breast pocket for a rope squeegee.

A dump pouch centered up front.

elastic cuffs.
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Thanks for everybody's input, i will try and include some of your ideas in my next setup.
Graham's SCJ link.

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Hello all, its the wife here. I was wondering if you would be interested in ordering one of these paintball hoodies or if you'd rather create your own?

We are in the process of drafting a pattern for it, which beginner sewers could follow to create their own hoodie. But I'm also willing to construct and sell them if desired. (I already have a shop on Etsy you could order through.) Trying to see which is more intriguing to you, basically. The pattern will have step-by-step instructions and pictures to accompany them, so any level seamstress could use it. Or, you could visit my Etsy shop and order one with some of your specifications and receive it in 2-3 weeks.

Please tell me which is more preferable to you. We're designing another as I write and I'm sure you'll see pictures in a few days.

Graham's SCJ link.

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I may be interested in ordering one in classic BDU woodland camo.
I'll certainly be watching as the design evolves!

Fantastic idea to integrate a jersey and harness...

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Personally inhale so many other hobbies, I would much rather just buy one!

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