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A Drunken Nelson: Journey of a marker and a man in his workshop

I posted this in the pump section but wanted to share here was well.
This whole journey started one night of drinking back in 2014 when I bought what I thought was a Phantom on eBay for cheap. Well it turns out I am both not a big fan of reading and impulsive when drinking (not a good habit). Once I sobered up and looked at the pump I realized it was actually a CMI Diablo Deluxe. At this time I was also starting to get my workshop together, mainly wood working but set up for general tinkering. I decided to make the best of it and make my perfect pump. This post is the journey of the marker and me working on it in my workshop.
Before anything was done.

My first mod was to make the marker stock class because I wanted a Phantom. The modification was crude but it worked. I also added a bucket changer.

I have assembled Autococker based pumps before and I was used to the under the barrel pump handle. This pump being old and not popular there was no off the shelf under cocking kit, so I challenged myself to build an under cocking kit using a pre 2k Autococker pump kit. Again crude, but I learned a lot.

As some of you know the old pumps had barrels with large bore sizes and paint today is getting smaller. I found a member on MCarterBrown to thread the CMI barrel for Autococker threads. It worked great but that meant I could not use stock class feed. Worked great but the pump kit needed more work.

I added another guide rod to the pump kit and cleaned it up. Now the feel is what I wanted but taking the marker apart was becoming annoying to me. I wanted the simplicity of the Phantom but my own style. Also, I did not like the air line set up.

One day browsing MCarterBrown I found the Pro Team Products grips for Phantoms and picked one up. While I was waiting for that to be delivered I wanted to up and on/off on the pump to I modified a Planet Eclipse asa to work with the Taso M-16 grip insert.

Now enter my second impulse eBay purchase (sober this time), another nelson based pump this time a SNY Comando rental (number 138). Once I got it I realized it needed a lot more work then I originally thought.

Looking at the internals I realized two things, they were really rusty and that I think Phantom internals may fit in the pump. The first of three light bulb moments

Second light bulb moment, the Commando is Autococker threaded. Using this I found I liked the simplicity of the around the barrel pump handle over the feel of the under cocking kit.

Back to the Diablo pump, I wanted to address the air line issue, I modified and old basic asa to be a vertical air adapter. In the process learning more about drilling and tapping metal which would come in handy in the future.

Now that I have a vertical air adapter I needed a way to connect it to the valve body. I found a valve body on Bacci Paintball and modified it to have side air inlet. I picked up the tip from a well known person in paintball of drilling out a scrap of wood to make sure the tap went into the round valve body correctly, thank you again. To get more access to the front body screw I changed the vertical air asa (a lot easier the second time).
A good friend of mine and a machinist that has been a huge help with this project needed a gift for his wife. I traded him a handmade bottle opener for a custom gas through grip. Thank you again it fits perfect.

Completed project, or so I thought.

One day I was using the CMI pump and I noticed the body kept coming loose from the frame. Looking into it more I found the body frame screw was striped. My heart sank, I tried to find a new body and then get it threaded again, no luck. Enter light bulb moment number three. It came to me that the Commando body and the CMI frame had the same screw spacing. Now I am back in business.

Redid my air line modifications and added CCI Phantom internals. The valve body is from a drop out 12 gram changer that was busted (yes, I busted it).

My next annoyance was adjusting the velocity down the barrel. I was browsing pictures one day and found someone put a Palmers stabilizer on a Lapco pump to adjust the input pressure which will adjust the velocity. Here is the point I realized how far my skills have come.

I found a different pump handle with a quick connect pump arm on eBay and created another arm for the other side (not pictured). Also added the awesome EZ asa.

Three years, two pumps, one workshop and countless hours spent it is complete (minus a finish).
Thank you for reading and thank you to all those that have helped. If you ever see this on the field please feel free to say hi and try it out for a game.

Update 9/13/2017
It is finally coated thanks to Voo Doo Coatings here. I went with an OD Green for the old school feel.

Now it is time to get some time using it.

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Me again.. this is what i call dedication and skills!
Sweet Frankenstein

If you ever play in south cal, let me know. I would love to try it out

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Very cool!
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Updated with final pictures.
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Great job, end result looks great.
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Very Nice! I like your narrative through the whole process. I also like the pictures, definitely made me stop and study you adaptations and modification s and the final product was great.

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