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2k2 Dye Reflex restoration

I said "no more autocockers" more than 8 years ago. I was doing so well.

This is the story about an eBay rescue gone wrong.

This was up on eBay, and I said to myself, "this is worthless without the backblock and bolt". In 2002, I was out of basic training in the US Navy and in for the long haul of the navy's electronics school - an 18 month long series of courses. The only personal decoration in my locker - a full page ad THIS very paintball marker. I told myself that I would one day have one, but that day never came.

Then, while pouting about that poor body without a backblock, I happened upon exactly what was missing here in the misc parts. A plan quickly came together.

And so did the marker. Not a perfect match, but I was considering an fresh anno job anyway. I had been throwing around the idea of doing a double finger slider setup after seeing some cut trigger guard frames here, and I decided to do it right!

Nobody seems to rock a double finger slider, probably since 1997 when they became all the rage and then fell out of favor just as fast. It is a very unique profile, much like the reflex body itself. It seems to work, and on a pump there probably aren't as many of the disadvantages that killed the concept of a double finger slider. I sourced an acrylic ccm pump handle that I will dye to match when/if I get it anno'ed.
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More like a story gone right! Looking forward to seeing this completed.
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That's pretty. I used to have a blue to clear fade Dye UL, loved that thing (Dye pneumatics sucked something awful, I still tell people horror stories of their 3way.) Btw. You can totally rock a normal back block and bolt (in the case of my UL it was a slik back block and free flow nylatron bolt) yeah there's a gap because of the stupid reverse back block Dye came up with, but for performance it was still a thing of beauty.
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