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Project Copper Line: Stock Class Sniper 2

I have always liked stock class sniper 2 and I tried to build one years ago but project got put on the back burner then sold. Recently I got back into stock class and I decided to finally build one, but with a little twist. Both my grandfather and great grandfather were skilled craftsman, their tools have been passed down to me, so I promised myself I would only use their tools to complete this project. So no Dremel (blasphemy I know), no power grinders, not even a calculator. All I had is a drill press and a band saw from the 1930's along with files and hacksaws.

Build photos:
Started with buying this off of eBay. At first I was thinking thinking I would just put a CCI feed on it and call it a day.

After breaking everything down, I noticed something about the on/off asa cage.

Then the feed neck came off and my mind figured out what it wanted to do.

After measuring and marking, it is time for the band saw.

Now it is starting to come together, but time for hand filing. No wonder my grandfather looked so jacked in his photos.

After drilling and tapping the mounting holes. I had to do more hand filing. I got to excited to take a most drilled photo.

Now for putting the copper in copper line. I originally wanted to just just a straight pipe and drill it for the feed, but I chose to do an elbow notched to line up with the body.

Current state. All that is left is to clean up the elbow a bit, buy a pump kit and assemble. I am not sure if I want to anno the body or not.

Assembled enough to test. There is more copper to come.

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Nice! Matching that copper piper with brass hardware, a brass trigger or trigger shoe and a brass barrel would be tight!
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I like how you used that cage!
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Well I'm impressed
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