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Powering a Solenoid

I'm working on a circuit to power an MQ2 valve solenoid directly from a 9V battery using the following PhotoMOS:

I have an AQW210EH, and I can successfully drive the input with a Universal T-Board and a stock Alias board (with load resistor). However, I cannot seem to successfully actuate solenoid to operate the valve. I'm running a 9V battery direct to the valve with the PhotoMOS to close the circuit.

I verified the operation of the PhotoMOS using an LED on the input, and an LED on the output, so I know I'm getting power to the solenoid. I have tried dwell from 4.0 ms to 10.0 ms, but nothing.

Any ideas what I can be missing? My only other guess is that simply closing the circuit to 9V from the battery is not enough, and that I need to add a 2200 uF capacitor like in the eBlade boards for an additional kick to actuate the solenoid.
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I'm no electronics expert but if I had to guess, your last statement there is correct. You need the capacitor. The mq2 sits in a closed state when powered off, I'm betting it needs that kick when power is applied to overcome whatever it is that holds it closed when off. It was designed with that capacitor in mind after all

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