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I started with tapping the existing holes and went to find a hex screw. Nothing fit and then I drilled it and tapped again at which point found a black cap that would look perfect. Drilled a little bit more and tapped again thought I had it figured out and the bolt wouldn't move freely. I tried different things even threaded wood caps and again either got in the way of the bolt or wouldn't fit just right. There is not that much metal there once you start screwing things into it. Put all unneccesary comments here per my poorly worded title.

I did pick up the plumbers epoxy putty for less than five bucks. I will attempt to use it sometime today and I have been reading over the painting guides, only time will tell now.
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RE: Need to fill two holes

I'm a little late to the party, but better late than never......

......what you do, is you fold-in your ring finger......keeping your middle & pointer fingers of the same hand pressed tightly together, yet supple......creating a gap or a 'tween,' if you then take said hand, and you......

I hope that helps; if not, you take some Dow 55 and a plunger, and you gently but determinedly......


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...I already downloaded Paintball Warriors (the porno) and was disappointed that it didn't have enough paintball and they were completely ignoring safety practices. I don't need more stress like that...
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I enjoy the cerebral aspects of paintball mixed with the rush of the game. However, we're talking about a sport in which the main skills are shooting people while hiding behind things. It's not exactly a requirement that one be able to speak in complete sentences.
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haha ok so here's a serious answer cause all the funny one's have been taken. I will filling a relatively large hole on a tracer, and I used JB weld with some AMAZING results.

I first used some electrical tape on the inside, doing my best not to stretch the tape. I then put the bolt inside to ensure that the JB doesn't push the tape into the tube.

I then cut a piece of sticky project paper (though my roommate originally suggested using a plastic paper of sorts, think overhead slides, the paper needs to be somewhat rigid to hold the profile of the part) to cover at least a half inch more than the hole in any direction.

Next i filled the hole with the JB weld without applying too much pressure into the hole, and placed the sticky patch over (tape down 3 of the four edges if using the plastic sheet) and lightly pressed the edge onto the body. again no pressure in the actual hole.

let it sit for the recommended curing time, and then remove the sheet and the tape from the inside... sand off excess, and show your mother how good you are!

check out the pics from my build log. mine turned out real nice.

Clearing out my paintball collection. Everything is negotiable

pm me to find out more!
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Thank you for posting you have given me some good ideas. The epoxy I purchased worked well and cure very hard. I just wasn't happy with my first attempt and popped it out before it cured. I needed some smoother edges and now know what to try next.
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