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Lets not be too hasty

Assuming that it works well (I anticipate some design adjustments and such), I may sell them. However I am not in a position to start production and I don't want to make promises I can't keep. Building a marker by hand takes large amounts of time and will make the costs high and supply low. I currently work full time at a job that I love and paintball markers are a hobby for me. If I eventually get access to cnc equipment, then i could produce them for a reasonable cost. If you have lots of money to throw around and you *must* have one you can make me an offer. But I don't see the point in that until you see the finished product and it works well.

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starts off small at first
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Carl, I commend your efforts, though I'm not a qualified judge. But I will insist that the winner will be justified.
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whooo, that gun is sexy.
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WOW. Please produce that... I REALLY want it.
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if you can put the design in to AutoCAD i can make them (i gotz teh hookups )
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All credit to you man - that is some lovely craftsmanship! Will be very interested to see it again once you've finished it.
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Anything new with this?
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Nice job. The time and effort will be worth it for sure. keep us posted
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If this works, I am very interested in buying.
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