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Sniper Mods

Alright... You all have seen HADES in the open section. Its a sweet little pump.

Its a standard AIM body with included internals and such.

I am not too familiar with AIM products and pieces... and I want to maximize my efficency since I want to run it on 12 grams instead of bigger tanks. (altho I am going to make it easily changed to take a 3.5 if need be.. since it aint hard to do so... lol)

Anyone have any input ideas? At some point it is going to Rainman for a new paintjob... lol... once I get it done.

Also... whats the best... durable... RELIABLE 12gram changer/dropout system?
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well a lot of people say HP low volume is best for 12ies but i have had great sucess with LP high volume.

my set up is all Shocktech internals, palmers female stab set to 220ish out pit and into a gass through fore grip. i get 17-18 goos shots and the last one plops out the barrel about 25 feet.

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1.if you have the patience and ability (or can pay/know somebody who does..) get a sleeve made to fit the inside of the front chamber, reducing the size

2. get a HP Low Flow valve,

3.12g dropout with a check valve. (not sure on maker, but i know that someone here can recommend)

4. send it out to Rainman to have 'Hades' tattooed into the side of the sucker

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whitewolf has a devolumizer available, but it's up to you to evaluate the risks of dealing with him. some have problems, most don't.

Should shoot for atleast 25+ shots off a 12ie. you'll want to mess with the springs a bit (buy a spring kit and switch them around) If you're good you can probably hit 30+. If you're spaceman you'll get more than 40.
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