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Resource thread

I was thinking, a good idea would be a general resource thread, with links for materials, general parts, tools, etc, for those of us that tinker with guns. I'm not talking about parts for specific guns, but stuff used to make custom guns. Hopefully, Carter will sticky it..

McMaster Carr - one of the big names in industrial supply, carries a huge assortment of stuff, including raw materials(aluminum, brass copper steel), parts like orings and SOC screws, and enough wierd stuff to keep you up for days. EVERYBODY should have this in their favorites Menu.

MSC - the book to go to when you need endmills(or milling machines!), drills taps, inserts, etc. Quite possibly the biggest Metalworking supplier in the world.

J&L - another metalworking supplier, smaller than MSC, but usually cheaper.

Travers - another metal working supply

Small Parts - a company that specializes in well, small parts - they carry stuff like Orings and small coil springs.

Microfasteners - Every kind of screw under the sun - they have sizes down to 0-80.

Solenoid City - supplier for solenoids(NOT solenoid valves!), perfect for making your own MQ like valves.

Clippard - makes probably 90% of the brass cocker rams out there, if you need a pneumatic ram, they probably have you covered.

SMC - is one of the major companies that supply Solenoid valves to the Paintball industry(They supply the solenoid valves for the E2 for example). They also make rams as well.

Humphrey - another big manufacturer of solenoid valves for paintball.

Skinner valves(div. of Parker) - another major solenoid valve maker.

Duracoat - one of the most popular non ano finishs for paintball guns.

Caswell Plating - one of the few sources for small quantities of Ano dye and sealer, I personally wouldn't bother with their kits, as you can improvise most of the equipment much cheaper.

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Let us not forget electronic components!

(I lost my collection of bookmarks, thus my visit here...)

All Electronics: Suppliers of useful, cheap components. Some are common, some are not.

Mouser: Most, if not all, electronic parts can be found here! Prices are usually a bit high, though. Make up for it with bulk orders of hard to find items.

Digi-Key: Everything else. Seriously.

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Welcome to Numrich Gun Parts Corp. :Great place to find stocks and perhaps some sight components and/or scopes

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online metals raw materials (metals and plastics). Aluminum is typically slightly cheaper here than McMaster-Carr, Delrin is usually slightly more.

airsoldier How this list got more than 2 posts deep without airsoldier linked perplexes me.

enco Mostly metalworking stuff. Not always the best quality, but usually good enough when it's what fits in the budget.

grizzly Metal and wood working. Again, not always top grade stuff, lots of Chinese imports (9x20 lathes for example), but the price to stuff included ratio is better here than an identical machine at most other places. They have decent sales on cheaper tools too.

You usually get what you pay for, but when you pay for what you can afford, grizzly and enco have decent deals for the money.
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Valley Instrument Grade A Stem Mount 1 1/2in. Glycerin Filled Gauge — 0-600 PSI | Filled Gauges | Northern Tool + Equipment
High, and low pressure, liquid filled gauges.
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Poweraire - good prices and assortment of fittings, tubing, etc... Browse their documentation section, there are a lot of good books in there, and lots of ways to find part numbers you can order from them that have no other way of being found easily on the website.

Parker O-ring design manual - The bible of o-ring and seal design.

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I got some good ones

Fiberglass , Epoxy , Composites, Carbon Fiber - U.S. Composites, Inc.

for casting supplies maybe for custom grips and resin for vacume forming carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber Panels/Sheets, Fabric/Cloth, COLORED Carbon/Kevlar, Composite Envisions

lots of unique types of carbon fiber and carbon blends

Manufacturer of Miniature Pneumatic Components

more pneumatics than you can shake a stick at

Pneumatic Control Systems, Fittings & Solenoid Valves - Pneumadyne, Inc.

if clippard dont have it odds are this place does

Ball Bearings:Miniature bearings:Ceramic Bearings:Bearing

never buy overpriced trigger bearings again this is where they come from.

Wholesale Tool | Industrial Machinery + Tool Supply

this place is like enco or mcmaster sometimes their cheeper sometimes not just another place to try.

like durakote but better. goes on thinner1-2 mills and is more chemical resistant.

Miniature Solenoids

manufacturer of clapper selonoids and other good stuff. - tooling, parts, and accessories for bench top machinists

this place has all kinds of replacement parts for hobby mills and lathes as well as cnc kits for x2 mills. home page

once you caught the maching bug this place has lots of info on how to get started and get the most out of your mini lathe and mill

CNC Machinists Cookbook: Software and Information

another good maching site. As a side note I use the speed and feed calculator from this site to figure the speeds and feed for my mill
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Heres a site i found for replica gun plans,ordered a MG42 plan myself,thinking I may use my flipped Ion breech by tjd and drummag for this one

John-Tom Engine Plans
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Grainger Industrial Supply - MRO Products, Equipment & Tools

has spring washers, springs, raw materials, nuts and bolts, tools, etc.

I have decided that they are most useful when I want a few pieces of something for which I would pay a lot of shipping, like long material or heavy tools. If you call ahead, they transfer from headquarters or other stores for free. So weigh their prices against shipping and maybe with extra sales tax. They throw lots of stuff on the truck, and you get to save on the shipping end (usually).
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