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Here is my Razorback 2 turned into a sniper rifle.
And a Youtube clip of the progress.
YouTube - snajpern 0001
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Needs more time...
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Here is my dual pump arm Superstock(class) Sniper.
Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
Extra bonus that you get spattered with brains. Extra man points if you later get hot hot sexxings from Cat while still covered in porcupine brains.
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the bird is the word
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these guns u guys r making r sick.. heres one ive made its not pretty but it gets the job done made of 1/8 inch aluminum, full auto ww2 browning 50 cal replica(kinda) took me a long time to make.. hopefully im posting it in the right thread

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Box fed ion in a bunch of 2x4's. I call her Rona.
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Originally Posted by Tbuck View Post
That marker almost looks like it's made of Legos. Must be heavy.
Its not terribly heavy until you add the 50 cal box full of paint/guts. Then its terribly heavy.
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My Minimi Para:

SP Ion inside using a Scenario Dreams T board,TechT L7 bolt,Kila Detents with working boxmag,boxmag uses a Draxxus Pulse feed unit utilising the RF transmitters
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Old 07-07-2009, 07:13 PM   #57 (permalink)
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She's finally complete *tear*. After a good 70+ hours spanning over 2 months my dream has materialized itself.

Some small details.
-Custom trigger frame and mechanism
-Custom 12g lever changer (Air thru stock)
-Stock is modded so you can comfortably aim straight down the barrel even with a mask on.
-Modded adjustable trracer bolt
-Marker base is an ACI hornet
-QD sling points
-Krylon paint job


Here's the work in progress thread for anyone who is interested.

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The Laser guy...
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Well, this is simple...the 'marker of last resort'... The trigger is adjusted to 'dead lock-up' when on safe, short sear/hammer engagement. GHOD, it's loud. ...and she's about to get a white delrin bolt handle...
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I picked up an 05 ego, 06 star frame, tadao'd w/ 05 bolt:

I milled it to match a 08 Cure2 bolt:

Finished it off with an anno:


"I just smashed a drinking glass next to my computer when I was swinging my barrel around just now. Now I know why you guys use 6 inch barrels D:"
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