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Quality control. As others have said, it's either a hate or love relationship. You might want to take a look at the G5, it seems to have a lot of the old quircks worked out of it.
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I see an agglet and I want to paint it black...
...or yellow, orange, green; whatever the field paint is that day.
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I own a DP G4. Bought it used from a great seller here, piranha92, and got to use it for the first time this past weekend. Size is great when I compared it with shooting my friend's Mini. Never tested a Mokal Aura but they look cool lol... The G4 gave me about 6 pods with a 56/4500 filled up to flash filled 4000. Used an Apache with it and easily outshot my hopper many times without problem because of the great purple glowing eyes. No gripes at all, my first speedball marker and I will not have to upgrade for a long time. I absolutely adore the trigger on this marker, more than any Ego, Geo, Mini or Ion trigger that i have ever played with. I was almost out shooting my buddy's Ego...impressive to say the least. Don't listen to all the gripes from people, just go out there and try it for yourself.
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I use a G4 and love it.Stock it shot just fine.I dropped a TechT bolt kit in it and it shot way better,air effeciency was better and now I just put in a Virtue board and Virtue laser eyes,so much crisper.I get a hopper and 4/5 pods from a 45/48.
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from what i hear, they are git or miss. i had a brand new g4 and at first the macro lines leaked. fixed that by greasing the o rings in the fittings. then the reg started acting up. it wouldnt adjust velocity and stayed at 300+. i wanted to get a cp reg for it but they were out of stock at the time so i sold the gun for 40$ under the msrp. i really regret selling it now that i have more Paintball tech experience...
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I've been working in a pro shop for the past year or so and I must say that the G4 has been one of the most reliable guns we've sold (So long as it is taken care of). The G5 on the other hand, is worthless. I had such high hopes for it.
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I hate first strikes. My rotor just jams with every pod of the stuff.
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My buddy got one 6 months ago and has yet to have it work. First issue was a reg issue. Fixed it put about a hoper of paint through it. Then it started leaking out the barrel. He tried calling DP and apperently the don't like to awnser the phone. So now i have it to fix and any tips hints or short cuts will help being I've had it for at least 2 or 3 months now and its next project to get done.
Fyi i have an aura and they are damn fine guns. We will see on the G4.
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