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DP Fusion FX info

Does anyone on here shoot the DP Fusion FX? If so what is the marker like? Reliable? Efficient? Easy to work on? I'm just wondering what the reviews are like on this marker.
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I have one, love it. I paid $375 for mine and it's done nothing but work flawlessly.

Comes with all the goodies.
OLED board is great and a huge bonus at the $500 price range the FX sits at.
It has the hinge trigger, basically 2 triggers in one, alot of people really like them...some hate them.
Easy to maintain, simple design.
Very light
Decent stock barrel
Air Efficient, nothing mind blowing but very good.
Well put together

There's some good review's of it on youtube, particularly the one done by Mike at Tech PB.
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Very light,never had a problem with mine in the 4 months I have owned it. I manage to get around 6 pods and a pinokio hopper out of a 68/4500 tank. Dangerous Power has very detailed videos on how to work on each separate part of the gun. The only real maintenance there is is pulling the bolt which you need no tools for and cleaning the RAM which only has 2-3 orings and a spring. Really easy. My friend and I both have one and love them.
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I just bought the TechT Law ram and Hush bolt for mine.

I am absolutely loving the new ram, so nice.

... The bolt on the other hand. That may have to go back where it came from.
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