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Fusion FX issues

I just bought an FX, got a hell of a deal on it, but there are a couple little things with it. First thing is that the eyes don't seem to work. If they're on, the gun won't fire no matter what. Aired up or not, ball in the breach or just my finger, nothing. The second I turn the eyes off, it works. I've checked to make sure they're plugged in on the board, checked both sides and the wires aren't broken or pinched, and the eyes themselves aren't broken, and they're clean and faced the right direction. The detents are fine. Tried a full reset on the board which didn't solve the problem. Also, the noid clicks fine when i unplug the eyes from the board with the eyes turned on. Problem number two, and not sure if this is related to not having any eyes, is that it seems to break paint in the barrel pretty consistently. Could this more than likely be just a symptom of the eyes not working, or could it be something different?

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For grins, did you try swapping the battery or trying a different brand? Next, I read and re-read your post a few times to make sure I caught everything, but have you tried calling DP? They have great tech support and should help you resolve both issues. Glad you picked up the gun. I have one too and they're fun shooters for the money.
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I had a similar problem with mine. Turned out the Tech-T ram had slightly unscrewed itself. Tightened it up with some blue lock tite and the gun has been flawless ever since. Hope that helps out.
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