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Rev-i bolt won't fully return

I'm having an issue with my Rev-i. I purchased it used, and it was working great for a while, then paint stopped feeding. I realized the bolt wasn't going quite all the way back (just enough that sometimes a paintball would not drop into the breach).

I read around a bit, and somebody suggested to rebuild the solenoid, so I got a rebuild kit, replaced all the seals, and everything was working great... for about 1-2 pods. Then it started doing the same thing. The bolt just won't quite go all the way back all the time.

Any idea how to fix this?
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Any leaks? If so, where?

What lube did you use when servicing the solenoid?

Is your battery fresh/new?

It could be one or more of several things - such as the marker body o-ring (just behind the feedneck); the sail o-ring on the bolt, and/or the backcap stem o-ring (the part the back of the bolt sits on). It could also be the lube being used and/or the amount being used.
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I think I just used the lube that came with the gun. What would you recommend for that?

Is there some kind of dwell setting for how long pressure will push the bolt back, or is there always pressure pushing it back?
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I would recommend a different lube. The DP40 that came with the Rev-is is just too thick and sticky, IMO. I would try something like TechT gunsav or monkey poo from o-ring monkey. There are a few others that would also work fine.

I'd try switching lubes first - be sure to clean off the spool in the noid and relube that with whatever lube you end up with as well.

As for a board setting - no, there is no setting for that. The air from the marker reg is directed to the solenoid and the at rest position of the spool in the noid allows air through to the marker body to push the bolt rearward. This is a constant flow until the solenoid is activated and that air that is holding the bolt back is dumped, allowing the bolt to move forward.

Again, a couple other places to look at would be the o-ring in the marker body - right behind the feedneck. The other would be the sail o-ring on the bolt (the 3rd from the front tip). Both of these o-rings should be sufficiently lubed. The same can be said for the o-ring on the backcap stem.
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TechT L7 bolt for DP Rev-i

Not saying my experiences are the answer to your issues, the above advice is solid as in start with the simplest solutions first.

Anyhow the TechT L7 requires a externally removed end cap, a improvement in itself as my used Rev-i's pressure gauge end cap was seized on with a almost stripped allan key pocket! - Long story short I got it removed and the L7 applies spring pressure against the seal button to prevent the cap backing off. I have had flawless performance and get a lot of inquires to what gun it is! (had to get the clear body pipe also for cool factor)

Good luck!
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