Dangerous Power Fusion

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Fusion F8

Had a DP Fusion, maybe an F8. I remember it shooting very well, what would be the equivalent of that now?? From what I can tell that model isnít around really on the used market.
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I had an F8 that I sold recently for about $100. There are usually a couple on eBay at any given time,though right now I don't see any. Several F7s and Elite's though.

As far as a current equivalent, if you are looking for a stacked tube poppet, I upgraded to an Etek 3 after I sold the F8 and I really like it! What kind of features are you looking for in a marker? Other guys will be able to make a better suggestion than me, I'm sure, if they have an idea of what you're looking for.
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Well because the poppet market is going down dude to advances in spool tech. Because spools can be tuned to your liking and more efficient, smoother, quicker ect. If your looking to sell depending on condition 75-165$. And dangerous power are VERY inconsistent. You might get a gun that works flawlessly or a gun that leaks everywhere. Mostly due to the fact that is out sourced and made really cheaply, yes many other brands out source but they use high quality facilities
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I would like to get my hands on an elite to try it, they look very nice. The etek platform is nice, louder but I believe all poppits are. If you've got $4 to $5 to spend pick up an LV1. They shoot fantastic.
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