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I started playing in 2000 in New Hampshire. 90% of people have model 98s with a spattering of spyders and piranhas. Cockers scared me and anyone who had one, as far as I was concerned, was a pro.

First gun I shot that I lusted over was a shoebox shocker. It was so much smoother and more substantial-feeling than anything else I had played with.
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I don't remember the year I started but My friends and I started playing outlaw ball. I don't even know if there were fields in existence near us (Staten Island, NYC). I purchased my PGP through a firearm store out of a catelog along with a rather expensive case of nelspot paint. My friends each bought Nelspots. Later they upgraded to rapide's, then eventually one got a Razorback and the other got a KP. We were using goalie masks and shop goggles (thank god no one was hurt!) and eventually got JT whippersnappers. I wish I still had them. They would be awesome with thermals and a fan.

By the time I saw an "official" field (Jim Thorpe, PA)the normal rentals were Sheridan Piranha SB's and LB's, and if you paid extra you could use a BE Stingray. If you were "in the know" you could request a Sheridan VM-68.

All that time I stuck with my PGP until I finally bought a Sheridan XTS. It's long gone along with a bunch of others now. I still have the PGP.
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Started in '89
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I started in 1989. My first gun was a Razorback II pump with 12gram changer and the high capacity 40rd ammo box. Uvex goggles and a plastic facemask, thankfully I never lost and eye.

Not much was old school at the time, paintball was pretty much in its infancy. If I had to pick, Nelspots, PGP's and the 3357's and anything with only a fixed feed tube would be the old school guns.

State of the art were the SMG-60/68 and the Rapide carbine for firepower. Nelson and Sheridan based pumps were the usual high end guns at the fields (Phantom, Line SI, Piranha, etc.) Direct feed and constant air was getting popular at this time leading to the inevitable arms race. Soon after everyone had a semi-auto. It was really neat to see what was coming out next in the next APG. The early to mid 90's was a great time to be in paintball.
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I need this!
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Started playing in the green spaces around town in '91. I don't remember there being such a thing as old school, it was more a question of which beat up Brass Eagle or Nelson clone you could afford and then a bunch of drooling over all the new gear in APG. I guess there was kind of an unspoken rule that Splatmasters and Sheridans were not acceptable - they were cheap and available but no one had one. We started sprinkling in semis with a VM here, an F1 there, the rich kids with cockers that never worked for the whole day... Wanted a Vector badly even though no one had ever seen one.

I still miss the RP Scherer Super Shell - Bring back Gator Black!
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bought my first PGP in 92. $135.

$231.56 today according to the inflation calculator! Carried a loonie in my pocket to open the 12 gram plug. Paint in a baggie in my pocket.
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1990, the CSM (Company Sargent Major) of my unit started a business.

Used splatmasters with the 10 shot tube.

That was cutting edge in Germany back then.
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It was '91
The rentals were BE Stingrays and everyone envied the guy who owned the Golden Eagle.
But the field god was the guy who owned a Palmers (Hurricane?)
We were all shooting Red filled, oil based paintballs at 0.10/ball!
Masks: Vents Predator. I'm still using mine
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