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Why does the blue look like anno and the orange look like powder coat? I like the orange more. It is more unique. But I would rather have a anno finish over powdercoat.
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Woohoo I'm in for a blue one.. It took me a full 2 hours trying to decide if I wanted 1 or 2 though.
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A blue one is coming to be, but making a stop in Tennessee first.
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T8 with clip (with 12g change mod)
2 10rnd tubes of inert rounds (blue)
1 10rnd tube of HOT PEPPA (red)
1 extra clip (with 12g change mod)
3 12grams
1 oil packet
1 manual
1 very nice padded case

Cant wait to try these out............just need to find someone willing to get shot 1st..........

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didnt have enough in paypal for 2.... so only got 1 blue for now..
i got more money coming.. so will get another if i can... more or less for the spare marker.. plus 2 more mags...

now i just need a holster (going to get the rap4 vest pouch when i order my vest) .....

so shipping was $20 for 10-14 day...
or $25 for 7-10 day
or $28.50 for 2 day... cmon $8.50 to get it soooo much quicker was well worth it... $124ish shipped for 2 day?!?!?!?!?!?!
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Originally Posted by CCmachinist View Post
Well,mine showed up this morning. They are Tiberus pistols and well worth the C note. I haven't shot them yet. They have the new (to me) magazines. Here is some pics.
One gun had the front site fall off in the box.They are just glued on. No biggie. I'm happy.
Just to be clear, the blue is PC'd right? In your other shot with the serial is sure looks anno'd....I just want to know which one to order because chances are I'll have mince stripped.
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Just got my blue one today. It's powder coated. I can't wait till Tuseday my friends and I are going to play some outlaw ball with our new T8's
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The "inert" rounds are filled with baby powder...........LMAO! After shooting a few in the yard, my father-in-law was like "what smells like baby powder". He got a real kick out of shooting them.

I stuck some All-Star in the mag and let er rip.........shot AMAZING! No chops, breaks, anything!

I must say that these were a total steal and I may be picking up yet a few more.

I do wish that the 12ies lasted a bit longer.........I think once I turn down the velocity, I will get a few more shots. Its also somewhat cold here in the St. Louis area.

TOTALLY BADASS!!!!!!!!!! THANKS BILL! (Mel told me you have alot of toys like this and they are always a hoot in the shop.....keep us posted on more good deals)

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I was doing a really good job of resisting the temptation to buy one of these until the pictures of them from you guys showed up. Now I've got a blue one on the way.

CURSE YOU MCB!!!!!! (again....for the fiftieth or so time....)

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So have they been giving ya'll tracking numbers on when they ship? I haven't gotten a we shipped it e-mail but ordered on the 14th(and was billed right away)
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