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Originally Posted by BenoitOWN View Post
Why would Tiberius be upset? If pepperball bought them all it was still a sale for a Tiberius no matter what the clearance price is at.
Correct, but every company naturally hopes for continued contracts and future guaranteed sales. Yes, they made the initial sale, or contracted for the sale, of a few hundred guns. My suspicion is that they (Pepperball)already had these on hand, and it's not a drop-ship situation, in my conversation with the sales rep. Perhaps future anticipated shipments were cancelled. Perhaps Pepperball was a good means for Tiberius to unload their remaining first generation pistols into a different market, so they can concentrate on the newer recreational models. Who knows? Purely speculation on my behalf.
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Tiberius ain't unloading their first generation throught pepperball as if that was the case people would start getting the same T8 for use in paintball and discount shoud have appeared at other distributor point instead of just one.

Yeah Tiberius is maybe unhappy about losing a contract but I don't think they would have made many more when a compagny have few hundreds in stock and Pepperball doesnt have a big market.

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It's actually quiet simple to why Tiberius would be unhappy.

If PepperBall has been getting lets say an even 100 sales a day for the last 3 weeks. 2,100 units in 21 days basically.

Now lets say out of those sales only half would buy a Tiberius pistol sale or not. The rest got it because of the super awesome deal. Thus Tiberius lost approximately 1,050 sales.

Now lets think about how big the market is for mag fed, low capacity, CO2 Using (12 gram at that!). That's a lot of sales to loose in the wrong direction.

Here is where it gets sticky, a Tac 8 Pistol with one mag costs $180 on Plus $50 for a mag, we got ourselves $230 total. Lets see how much money Tiberius resellers should have been making from the dedicated 1,050 sales: $241,500.

Instead PepperBall made $103,950 just from the dedicated 1,050 sales, plus the other half that just jumped on this deal.

I'm sure PepperBall received these guns much cheaper then most online paintball stores would. So money lost there too.

These are rough estimates, please only take them as that
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I don't see why TiberiusArms would sell their product to PepperBall at a lower cost. ActionVillage has a higher markup, that does not reflect a lower sale from TiberiusArms.
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Originally Posted by CovertRssian View Post
That's a lot of sales to loose in the wrong direction.
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Originally Posted by ferret15 View Post

Loose Sails sink ships?

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You mean, there standing over their?
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
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Originally Posted by ferret15 View Post
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Originally Posted by CovertRssian View Post
It's actually quiet simple to why Tiberius would be unhappy.
That would not explain why the Phone operators are mad. They likely do not give a crap about how much money the boss is making from "rebadged" version of the product.

Instead, I think its simply the fact that they think its not there job to deal with rebadged products. And it may well not be.

This has long been the case in paintball as SO MANY products are rebadged and sold through shell companies, or 3rd parties. The part that many of us do not think about is that contracts usually contact a "no support" clause. Meaning, it is the responsibility of the 3rd party to handle support and technical issues, not the manafacturer. As such, its likely that Tiberius did in fact give Pepperball better pricing since it did not include technical support.

Look at the SA-8 manual. It specifically says to refer all technical issues to Pepperball, not Tiberius. It also says using paintballs will void the warranty.

So if I working at Tiberius and I'm getting all these phone calls for a product that I'm not responsible for.... and if I'm a tad bit lazy, sure I'd be irritated.

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I guess I was too subtle, but yeah, HP hit on the head.

I'm sure they are annoyed because 210398502938503 n00bs are calling them up with all kinds of questions, problems and requests for guns (I think it's OK to call LEO markers guns, right?) they were never intended to have access to in the first place. Guns they got on the cheap with no express or implied warranty from Tiberius.

That, and the Tiberius name on a gun that's shooting way hot out of the box and you've got a recipe for safety fail and bad press.
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