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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
yeah i learned that from jurassic park

just surprised it supersedes color.
Somethign that is often overlooked is shape and pattern. A solid red shirt would stand out a lot because people recognize the shape. A very busy pattern even in brigth colors is going to stand out less than a slightly "quiter" color that is solid.
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Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
Originally Posted by Drum View Post
Someone ban that painthappy dude
Stock class = 12grams and a stick feed. End discussion.
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Originally Posted by shadawg View Post

Someone forgot to double tap.
is that... zombie porn?
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No but we have some on deck at the bunkhouse if you want to see some.

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Originally Posted by the_chemist View Post
"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull****" is my motto
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I think nearly everyone in here is guilty of the same thing as the OP. STFU about clothes and guns and shoot some paintballs already.
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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
I think nearly everyone in here is guilty of the same thing as the OP. STFU about clothes and guns and shoot some paintballs already.
Thank you.

If I were wanting to bitch about something, I would have whined about renters wearing woodland BDUs in the field I played at a couple weekends ago - it's in a fricking limestone mine. God, that guy with the red gun stuck out so much! I got shot out because he didn't protect my flank. Damn I hate people who think that they can play in the caves with a gun that isn't greenish grey. Think they're all that and can play somewhere without vinyl blowup doll bunkers. What a load of bollocks.

/epic sarcasm.
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Originally Posted by vintageshooter View Post
"clown guns" belong on speedball fields, if you're in a woodsball game and you run and gun with anything that might give you away because of its neon annodizing then you deserve the double tap to the chest.

No sarcasm or humour meant in any of my post. Paintball is great because it caters to many different people. The problem is when people don't accept others for what they like. If you're into speedball, great stay out of my woodsball game, trust me you won't catch me trying to hide in and around your inflatable things. I personally can't stand and don't understand how anyone enjoys speedball, but i'm not for one moment going to tell the next guy not to play it. I'd expect the same in return.

How this all pertains to this post is that orignal dude in the camo with the bright blue gun should either make up his mind on what he really wants out of paintball and chose his gear to fit it. I think the original poster was commenting on the fact that he went to the trouble of getting all ghillied up and then chose to run with a neon gun, which defeats the purpose of the camo. Of course he could have been using the gun for a number of perfectly reasonable reasons. Perhaps its all that he could afford? or perhaps it was the only marker he could find where he lives? But still he could've wrapped it, or even blasted it with some paint to make it into a ghetto woodsball marker.

And on the topic of wearing whatever in a woodsball game. I've got no problem with that. Some of the best players i've ever shot or been shot by wore the most average street clothes on the field. In life its not what you're shooting, driving or wearing, its how well you use it that counts.

But still full camo with a blue gun. No sorry that's wrong. The fishing nets and balloon bunkers is over on the other side of the field.
I was gonna comment on what you said, but I believe everyone else has done so for me. Have a good day.
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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
I think nearly everyone in here is guilty of the same thing as the OP. STFU about clothes and guns and shoot some paintballs already.
Guilty. Used to be all about camouflage, milsim, etc. I would spend hours shopping for gear, from plastic "upgrades" for my Tippmann to authentic CADPAT camouflage. Didn't like speedball or speedballers simply on principal.

Totally past that phase now, I really wish I didn't spend all that money.

Now I love speedball, love woodsball, and really don't give a **** about what I wear (Or what people think about what I wear.) as long as it's functional.

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