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2# Possable paintball type camp opening! Quebec

Well, seeing how the last one was bloody well deleted for no reason, lets write it all down again.

Kazabazua, Quebec - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Our Mission
What we what to do is, for a weekend, put you in the army and send you off to war. We'll have you guys come up on Friday, get everyone set up that needs "setting up" and hit the sack for the night. We run an army surplus, so we can supply you with clothing, boots, tenting, ect.
On saturday will be scenarios. To start off, we'll take you guys out back in the trucks. Just so we know what trucks we're talking about................

And we have another one coming within a few weeks. Heres a link with some pics..................

M-211 2 1/2 TON 6X6 TRUCK

The Game
The field (or "the yard") will be set up with a "good guys" base and "bad guys" base. The bad guys will be droped off in a "village" (that we will build when we get everything worked out) in the middle of the yard and that will be there base. "I" want to go all out with the Village with huts, bombed buildings, gates and 3 story bell tower. Let just see where we get with that.
And the good guys will be droped off in one corner of the yard that has a nice thick, but "movearoundable", pine tree lot. And this will be there base.
There ,of course, will be side missions, points, ect. to keep the game going longer but you get what the base idea will be.
Then on Sunday, we'll drive you out back to our...... Oh lets see, around 1000 acres of beautiful, big cedar trees and logging roads. (I'll have to get some pics next time I'm up.) You'll have one last vs. battle, then we'll pick you all up, take you back to base and that will be the weekend.

"The Yard"
The yard we have is quite large. Here are some pictrues just to give you an idea of what we have to work with..............

Sorry if thats too many pictrues to take in but now you have an idea of what "The yard" is like.

It will be around $20-$30 per person, that will cover the whole weekend. You can Bring Your Own Paint, but we will offer paint for sale. Not cheap stuff ether, qualty grade paint. And you wont pay much more then you would at a proshop for it.
We will set everyone up in one large tent, this one actuly.............. (we can make it much longer)

As well as a cot and sleeping bag. "But", if you dont want to sleep in the big tent with everyone else, we can offer a smaller tent for an extra cost.


Well, thats all I could think of at the moment. I'll get some more pics of the forest, smaller tent, ect. some time this week. Any questions, just post them up.

Thanks guys.

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This makes me want to move to Quebec, especially at $20-30 for the whole weekend.
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