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Car broken into, need new mask(s)!

So I woke up all refreshed this morning after a great night out with a lady friend, and hopped in my car to discover, my glovebox open. long story short: mp3 player, sunglasses, music, other minor stuff all gone. then the fear hit me: my trunk is full of paintball gear.


so i ran back and opened her up... 3 markers gone (old sniper, SI bushmaster, and goblin), plus a steely airtank, bag of paint, my gloves, but the worst part, all three of my masks. all my good guns, tanks, tools and gear were safe inside, but all of my masks (axis pro camo thermal, custom punisher JT, and grillz), gone. so im screwed for my usual weekend paintball schedule, and rather annoyed.

thankfully also, they left my merrell all terrain boots, my capless harness, and a good album in my CD player. i still havent figured out what else was stolen from the center console but I hope its nothing serious.

anyways, I expect no sympathy for leaving stuff in my car overnight, but im wondering, is anybody selling nice masks?!?! maybe a special deal for me, being player-coach and captain for an awesome pump team and all, and a fairly upstanding citizen and nice guy in general. thermals, i like green especially with my current gear, and good quality lenses. post up if you got em, or if that is a BST violation, just post something else and PM me.

theft is lame. but Pump Zeppelin is unstoppable
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i have a set of grills for sale... let me know
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
theft is lame. but Pump Zeppelin is unstoppable
If the dude comes in here offering your own masks to sell to you, you'll be my new hero.
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Toss me a PM I may have something for you
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Willing to be a 3rd party for shipments to Canada anywhere in the world just PM me.
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thought I found a wicked deal on some olive i4s but it was an old thread DAMMIT. so I will continue looking! and PM titus

also, RIP this custom JT, i still have a cool photo I guess:

totally easy to make another pair, so i will.

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Send a message via MSN to swcblues

Pay the shipping and I'll send you my 09 axis pros. Take a bit off the price when you sell me a falcon . Pm me your address.
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I've got a flex 8 sitting around doing a lot of nothing. It's yours if you want it. How are you for markers?
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well, one of the markers stolen was in regular use by one of our guys (Troy), but he's actually buying his own pump gun very soon here so we should be fine with that.
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Henchemen Inc!
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Send a message via AIM to vf-xx

Have a couple sets of grills I'm looking to get rid of.

If you're intersted, PM me.

One is grey/black, one is blue/black
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alright guys, Aarons gonna hook me up with a mask, and I've actually decided to go ahead and splurge on some other new gear, since I need new gloves. bout to order new i4s in tan, gold eclipse jersey and new gloves! nice earthy matching tones and all. it sucks playing twice in a weekend with only one jersey
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