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Same as airsoft BBs, no biggie!
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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Originally Posted by coyote View Post
I have played at 4 different events where they were legal and in use...

The users love them. Most have been very cool about avoiding up close shots with the rounds.

I have not been hit yet, but I am sure it is just a matter of time.
It's comming !!!
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Here's the progress of the rounds in my area (up to 1.5hrs away from my residence):

AG Paintball (BYOP field in Lessburg, VA): Allowed after a single demo. Not concerned about enviromental impact (they cited 12g cylinders, 10rd tubes still around from when they were originally introducted). I Played there several times with FS rounds. Most players never knew I was shooting them- those that did usually keyed in on fact I was shooting a Tiberius (non-hopper) gun as a primary and or noting my accuracy.

Hogback Mountain Paintball (Leesburg, VA): Demo'ed, manager even had me shoot him in the back at about 20+ft. They were familiar with the videos produced by Lord Odin (his saftey ones and the biodegradability). Ultimately disallowed, no reason given. However, in the same time frame (demo-response), they switched to FPO.

Pev's Paintball (FPO field in Aldie, VA): Offered to do demo- declined by one of the managers purely due to FPO policy. Since then, I've engaged their store staff and through them, their senior management. Biggest concern- FPO policy and the fact that I'm the only person asking about them.

OA Paintball (FPO fields in Bowie, and Rosedale MD): I offered to do a demo at their Bowie field and they were interested. The Bowie location closed down before demo. Rosedale hosted a Pump scenario earlier this year. Allowed First Strike rounds. No complaints. I followed up with them later and they mentioned I was the only one calling and asking them. Their biggest concern is FPO policy.

Warplay Paintball (FPO field in Locust Grove, VA): I performed a demo, I was given probational status. Owner played opposite of me so he could discretely gauge customer reactions. No problems noted and, he gave me full permission. A couple weeks ago, when I went back, other customers told me of another individual using a T4 with the rounds on a previous week.

FPO is a recurring theme. Injuries and biodegradability seem to be less of a concern. Most fields I contacted were unaware of the FPO fill. Those that were familiar were interested if getting a field color was possible (i.e. Pev's wants all their paint to have orange fill which makes for easier reffing/FPO enforcement). Hardly anyone seems to know that Tiberius can work with fields for specific color requirements (i.e. partner two fields significantly geographically separated for one run of a specific color).
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Originally Posted by Tom Kaye -in response to FS price critics
Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
First strike rounds punish lazy people. Don't be lazy and you won't have problems with first strikes.
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Originally Posted by BenoitOWN View Post
they have blue as field only color(not available for purchase to regular people).
Really? When I ordered my cases, the webstore had blue available for purchase.
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Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
Really? When I ordered my cases, the webstore had blue available for purchase.
Shoud not be that way but good for you :P

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My local field sell first strike rounds. Color is unknown. FPO field
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I think it depends on the kind of crowd each field gets - the heavy speedball-friendly fields aren't going to get a lot of interest in stocking FS (and Pev's is a perfect example) since very few people are going to express interest.

It may just come down to economics in the end - if enough people ask for it, I'm sure fields will be more than happy to sell them. Otherwise, it is just another box of paint sitting on the shelf, unsold.
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