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Why is it so much more fun....

When you shed the bulky pod-packs, drop the electros, and grab some ten round tubes and a pump?

I'm a player that for the longest time carried over a case of paint and spare-air on me, and provided heavy cover fire.

Over the last year, I've adjusted to play a lot more sparingly. Just today, I took my C3 pump, a 50 count hopper, 8 ten round tubes... and proceeded to rack up 11 hits in a 20 minute assault game. But unlike my old days, I didn't do it with suppressive fire, I crawled around through the brush, 'ninja'd players, and all around played a much more active and dangerous style of play.

Why didn't I ALWAYS do this?! It saves money, saves air, saves carrying too much weight, and its so rewarding!
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Arg. I wish I could run my brass but I'm too lazy to shim the spring!
Now I wanna go play pump.

I think the reason that it's so addicting is because of how pure it is. (And how much more enjoyable that perfect headshot is.)
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This used to be me as well. I had a fully decked out A5 that I spent a fortune buying every little accessory for, full tactical vest with 8 pods, 114ci 4500psi thank. Then it was all speedball. Dangerous power G3, completely decked out, 4+3+2 pod pack, and all the fancy speedball clothes. I was a "Proser" lol!

I don't really remember what exactly got me into pump, but since then, nothing is as much fun. I think it all started when me and a friend started getting into limited paint play. It's thrilling, challenging, and that much more satisfying when you wipe out the other team. One of the last times I was at the field, I had met up with about 5 or 6 other pump players, and it seemed like all the pieces just fell into place. We held it down all day long, it was a total blast.

I would argue the fact that it saves money though, 10 or 11 guns later

The ONLY thing I really want to do right now, is convert my Karni pumper to a mech, I have been toying around with that idea for a while. Aside from that, I really have no desire to play semi anymore. It's just not as fun to me.
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it's the thrill of the hunt. the idea that something has no idea its fate is at your whim. why do you think well-fed house cats go hunting? these eyes tell you why.

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i had the same realization this weekend...been playing pump for almost two months now and been having an absolute blast just picking people off with one shot kills...slammed the feeling home when i pulled out my e2 freeflow for a round and mowed through 5 people yet used almost 400rds it wasnt nearly as much fun. Picked the pump back up the next game and thats the way it stayed the rest of the day
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The only thing I disagree with is that this style of play is pump reliant. I shoot less paint when I take out the Blazer or the Mag-- perhaps only 30 rounds a game. I shoot almost double that with the pump. It's not the gun, it's the player. I guarantee to you folks: play with a semi the same way you play with a pump, and you'll be even more effective.
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i used to play alot of pump, now i only play every now and then. with paint sizes being all over the place and paintballs not being the most accurate specimen for ballistics, i kinda love having the option of pulling the trigger twice to make sure one hits. thats just me though, if i were to wear all black and crawl around some asshat would call greenpeace and try to throw me back in the ocean.
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Originally Posted by sniper15 View Post
.. i kinda love having the option of pulling the trigger twice to make sure one hits...
try double tapping w/ a pump - taint hard.
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eh i forget to pump LOL. normal play im fine, but when it comes to that split second double shot and move, it seems to leave my mind to pull the handle again
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the few time that i played airsoft that is how i played. everyone was decked out with MP5, M16 and all types of swat full long rifles. me i had two 9mm looking hand guns, was running around all over the place. all the guys thought i was just plain crazy, they never seen anyone runnin straight up and so direct at the other team. to me it just kept the blood pumping and the game faster, lots more fun then just sitting back waiting.

and even in paintball i rather sneak around, run, move and pick my shots rather then spray and pray. playing with some guys out there on the speed ball or snake type fields i sometimes dont fit in because of that. i think they expect me to lay down fire, basically just shooting hopper after hopper so they can move up, i guess i dont do what is expected of me. but instead i will just shoot when i have a line on someone or move till i do.
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