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Originally Posted by Cockerpunk View Post
ramping being the norm was only established in 05, and really only became the standard at paintball field when the NPPL was dying/died/still sucks, which was 08. sure it existed before that (since turbo in 98) but players were still assumed to need to walk the trigger to compete in the BPS race. whats the fun in a $1000 electro if you can't shoot fast? solution - stick it in ramp!

so yeah, literally in the last 3 years or so there are full on tournament players in D2 who can't walk faster then 6 bps.

im not a particularly fast trigger walker, i hold maybe 12 on the right, probably 13 on the left, but yeah, i think that is part of the skill set that a player should have to play high level paintball.
I agree, many modern tournament players don't even bother with semi unless they play in the NPPL. Even then though, the cap is around 12 so, if you can walk 8bps you're fine. If you play PSP you can shoot up to speed with just one finger.

I've never shot any other mode than semi in-game. I've found 10bps (my average walking seed) to be plenty fast for me. It never seizes to amaze me how many people can't play without non-semi modes.
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