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Blazer or Mag or Sniper????

Well next marker purchase is in the works, question is what do I want.
I can get a older rf Blazer for a good price or I may get a classic style Mag or a MiniMag with extra to pick up some barrels and Mag stuff.
I own a Stroker so my Palmeritis is sated for the time being. Besides the obvious what are the performance differences between a Stroker and Blazer, ROF, accuracy, air usage, etc.
Now I got to use a Mag for a bit when they first came out and I did like it but didn't know much about what made it tick. I am thinking about getting one just because of it being oldschool and what high praise it usually receives.
What kind of problems will I be looking forward to with the Mag if any and how dependable are they?
Now I was also thinking of scratch building a Sniper from a Cocker body and parts or converting an older Cocker. I pretty much know what is instore for me here.
If I was rich I wouldn't have a problem since I would have multiples of all three.
Just looking for input from anyone with some opinions or info on any of the markers. Palmers and the Mag questions would be a great help.
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Especially if you are fammiliar with the other two, its a good solid gun to have in your collection (or to base you collection off of) I have owned 8 different mags, and despite what a lot of people think, they can each have a lot of personality. You wont have much of a problem with a classic valved mag, unless you like to fire fast and dont feed it properly. (I have a classic mini single trigger that can outshoot any hopper short of my halo B or q-loader.) They will chop paint. otherr than that its as solid a gun as you will ever shoot. (also the steel ones aren't light. so if you don't like a heavy gun make sure you pick up a few before you do decide to go that way)
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upgrade path

If you get a Blazer, you'll pay a few more $$$, but the performance will pretty much be perfect.

You can pick up a Mag for much less $$$, but it won't be up to the snuff of a Blazer until you put a few more bucks into it. I've done it both ways, and my Blazer and my Mag are the two crowing points of my collection. I've been very happy with both of them.

So in essence, if you have the $300.00+ to spend right now a Blazer will be your friend. If you have $100.00 right now and time and a couple more hundred later a Mag may be the best choice.

In any case, they're both VERY well put together markers.
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A Blazer out performs a Stroker across the board.

A Stroker is a pump gun converted to semi-auto, where a Blazer is designed from the start as a semi.

The Blazer is;
1. Lighter, being aluminum instead of brass.
2. Softer trigger, due to softer springing.
3. Less recoil, due to softer spring action.
4. Removeable barrel, easier cleaning.
5. More efficient, probably due to better valving.
6. One of the most consistent and reliable guns I've shot.
7. I can shoot my Blazer faster than any other Palmer I've owned.

I've had four Strokers and three Typhoons and have sold all of them. I still have the same Blazer I bought in 1999 and it's not going anywhere.

Out of the 85 guns I've had over the over the last 7-years, the Blazer is the only one that I have kept all the way through.

An AutoMag is probably my second favorite semi, with a Cocker falling right in there too.

I've never had a Sniper, but have always had a Phantom.

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I would say Blazer.

I say that because even though I love my Mag, it only uses HPA. I know some will argue that point, but when AGD says not to use anything but HPA that is what I go with… period. And sure folks can get a classic valve if they want to run CO2 or HPA, but for the price and performance….. I say go with another type of marker.

I just prefer to be able to choose what I run my marker off of (HPA/CO2) and not have the marker dictate it.

As for Strokers…. I LOVE mine, but admit that it is very easy to short stroke. And thus I keep my ROF moderate. That is fine for me though since I tend to be on the conservative side when it comes to slinking paint. If I want to rip I bust out my RTP.
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I vote Blazer. It's the last semi you'll ever have to own.
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I would also say Blazer. In essence you get what you pay for. You pay good money for a good gun. A Blazer will differ from the stroker you may be used Walker stated above.

Mags are very nice guns also. I've had a few in my day and sold them regretfully. My favorite being my minimag. These days you are able to pick up very decent used mags for rather cheap. The options will fall to can get/do most anyhting with a Mag.

I would shy away from buying a Sniper...ive owned a few of those also. I find them to be very accurate/well built guns(for the most part) but dislike the feel and efficiency. Most people might disagree and suggest one but ive just never had very good results from anything that was made to be a cocker that was converted. If the "feel" is what your after I would suggest a Sterling. They are very similiar is the feel but perform on a greater level.

Over all I owuld say if you have the scratch get a Blazer if not get your self a good deal on a used Mag and start there.


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'Mags are great shooters. They're the only semi- I've ever used and really enjoyed. I would take one of my 'mags over any other semi- out there.

That said, they're not for everybody. Also, given your lack of experience with them, I would encourage you not to buy anything based upon hearsay or hype. Ultimately it comes down to what you're effective using. No matter how flashy, durable, "accurate" or expensive the marker is, it doesn't mean anything if you can't put paint on target with it.

A used $100 classic 'mag gives you the opportunity to give the marker an honest try and if you don't like it, you can turn around and sell it for what you paid. It's an easy, risk-free marker that you might end up liking a lot.

I think it's well worth your time to give it a try. You might be very pleased. Good luck.
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Blazer or mag try both out and go from there. Remember if you go mag to get the Smart Parts Little black box
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I'd say go with the Blazer over the Mag.I love my Blazer it's the best gun I've ever owned,I find Mags to be too fussy to use personally.
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