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Originally Posted by TSSOC.Professor View Post
Oh no.
Originally Posted by Axel View Post
Mark could sew an all-patch mankini... Greg, please change the background color to yellow
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So that's where that buzzard went!

I think of this as what is the one gun you will take with you to the afterlife. You never know..I would have to agree, either my bolt action or KL.
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I won't be buried with a marker but each of my many servants and slaves will be buried with parts of my collection so that I can continue rocking faces in the afterlife.
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ALL OF THEM! Keep back you vultures! I'm not even cold yet!!
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Most likely the VM Spacegun...hard to say for sure though...Out of all the guns I've had it's the only one I have owned for any real extended length of time,Had it since 2001 (only been out of my possesion a couple times,was part of PW's collection for a bit)

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How do I turn this on?
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possibly the TPX I won at my local field... I've never even (personally) used it in a game, but there are still memories attached to that thing
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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
I'm gonna pop some aggs.
Only got 20 rounds in my pocket.
I'm huntin'
Looking for some cover,
This is ****ing awesome.
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I plan to do the Celtic funeral pyre cremation when I go, but I'd take the Falcon with me I suppose.
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I'm planning the funeral pyre thing, so there will be no markers destroyed in the blaze... I want the survivors to get together and have a serious party with the money that they *don't* waste on a funeral. When it gets dark... light the pyre!

The marker that is specifically mentioned in my will is Chimera, the SFL Emag. Someone is gonna get a helluva nice marker when I pass on


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I am not longer accepting work. Sorry.

I do not have any tubing for sale, nor will I be restocking. Once more, sorry.

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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
Why post if that's going to be your attitude.
Meh, at least now I know to invest in a shovel to cash in on you sentimental fools.
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Hmm, hard to say. right now (if I still owned it) my superstocker PS192. right now I have a Carter and an RT ULE mag on my way. we'll see after they get here.

Originally Posted by Sir_Frag View Post
This is a common misconception. The marker in question is actually from a limited run that WGP produced to try using the little finger as the firing finger to promote digital ambidexterity. Unfortunately, the gravity inverter needed to feed paintballs was sold separately.
Originally Posted by jokers
I play pump because I'm a masochistic bastard who gets his jollies from being outgunned but not outplayed.
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