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Poor fit of A-5 accessory

I just purchased a used A-5, got multiple hoppers. The gun came with one of those offset hopper adapters. It's obvious the previous owner tried to use it, with some gouges present at the top bore of the adapter, but it's also obvious that none of the hoppers, A-5, X-7, etc.., fit over the top properly. You have to muscle it on and turn with great difficulty. Then the bottom of the adapter is way too loose of a fit into the cyclone feeder, so the adapter/hopper can easily turn and come off. All the hoppers, without the adapter, fit the cyclone feeder well.
Has anyone else had an issue with these adapters? I know the previous owner took great overall care of the gun. I wonder if it's reasonable to think buying a new adapter would help, but being molded plastic, they'd all be the same, right?
Any opinions?
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depends on the brand, ive never had a problem with the spec ops brand. there not all the same.
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Thanks, I wasn't aware of multiple manufacturers. I'll have to look into spec ops.
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Does the adapter have the the protrusion on the side closest to the marker? It should fit into the notch in the cyclone the same way the hoppers do.

And during my A5 days I came across some poorly fighting accessories. The Spec Ops Dogleg stock would shear off the push pins, for one.
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in my limited experience the ones w/out a brand name on them (hoppers and adapters )
havent fit for anything
but the rap4 products fit like stock

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Thanks all for the replies.
I see quite a few sellers of these adapters on amazon. They all just seem to say Tippman in the description. Hopefully the next one I get will be acceptable.
The adapter I've got was so tight on the top end that the black tab on the hopper made the adapter bulge, but was so loose going into the feeder that it could easily twist and fall out.
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