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Check surplus stores for sure, that is where I got mine. Next best bet is eBay. I wear mine around my neck, been shot there and barely felt it. Looks bad-A and saves your neck.

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Originally Posted by Bullseye View Post
I've picked up a couple over the years but my favorite one has to be from Full Clip
I second this. I picked up a black jolly roger shemagh made by FullClip and it is WAY better than my others. I have three. One that I picked up at an Army/Navy store, one that I bought at my field, and the FullClip one. It's a little heavier weight than the others, but the quality is top notch. I ALWAYS have it on one way or another when playing.

You guys infected me. Now I need to find some new ones. Off to ebay.....
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My brother's bought a few off opsgear (Shemagh) and they seem like decent quality.

Conversely, one of my local stores has some for sale that are three times the price, and are no where near the quality (the look like they're made from really cheap gauze).
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Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
i have a cut up white tshirt or towel i basically drape over my head before i put my mask on. keeps you cool and looking like a member of the french foreign legion:

they also serve as surrender flags. =P
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lol. one of the towels i have is long enough that i can wipe my lens off without taking it off.
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Originally Posted by GunRaptor View Post
I love how we are more concerned with the fate of this paintball gun than we are about AIDS kids in Africa.............
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Hey guys,

Forgive my thread revival movement, but I picked one of these up last time I ordered from Rockstar and had a question. I've figured out how to tie it the traditional ("ninja"..?) way from watching YouTube, but I've found that this leaves the sides and back of your neck exposed. Is there a method that will cover the top of my head and drape down to cover my neck? I burn like paper in a supernova.

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My experience has been that when I tie it the way I've seen on the Internet, there's more than enough material to spread out a bit and cover everything. Fold in half, draw the fold across your forehead so that about 2/3 of it hangs down one side. Pull the short end up to the opposite temple (I'm not covering my mouth with it, so I just draw it under my chin) and hold it there while you bring the long end around and over the back of your head (more towards the top of the head in my experience), where you should be able to knot it to the short end at the side of your head. Like I said, I always seem to have enough that I can sort of spread the material out and have my entire head and neck covered.

Hope this helps.

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