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Originally Posted by Helmi_17 View Post
So far I've bought a new mask and... Five. Five new markers! Why did I buy five new markers? Because, getting them in the mail and all set up for playing (though I probably won't play with most of them) helps take the edge off. (Automag Classic R/T, BT TM7, PPS SuperStocker, Tiberius 9, CCM T2)
We should start a NetFlix type arrangement where we all send each other guns in parts. That way we'll have gear to fix and monkey around with at the end of winter but we won't actually have to buy it. We can all return it fully assembled in the spring. I too have the fever but I've managed to stave of the urge to buy by fixing a friends recent Craigs List purchases.

Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
Wuss. Playing in wet weather is the best. I'd wish it snowed here so I could play in that.
You say that now, but I just played a 5 on 5 private game in PA where we brought 25 guns expecting at least 12 to crap out on us in the snow. Luckily we only lost 7 and one of those wasn't even due to the cold, it stopped working when the guy carrying it fell in an icy stream twice.

Originally Posted by Supergyro View Post
As far as the snow goes, it's just so deep and where I live there's not too many trees to hide behind. Unless it's so deep and fluffy that you can dig a little trench on the spot. But then, the paintballs might fly straight through the snow! Maybe not.

The logistics of trying to play in the snow is such a pain, from freezing paintballs to so much clothing that all hits bounce, its just hard to do.
I've played on snowshoes, which sounds cool, but is mostly a huge pain in the butt.
The 50rnd hopper will make paintball affordable to the masses.

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