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all work
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No, I haven't experienced the deceased Grandmother/late shipping hustle personally.

I think you should start compiling a database of DGM excuse users so that when a third instance is invoked you can take appropriate action. Perhaps flaming bag of dog poo? Video linked to thread of course.
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Originally Posted by M98punk View Post
Out of the 10 shipments I ordered ALL but 1 of the things I got from forums either AO or MCB was shipped late, almost a week later then I was told. And EVERY person had some sob story or another. And at the first I felt bad, the second I thought I had bad luck, third I was feeling paranoid but not at the 4th I am PISSED
Either bad luckÖ or Karma.

I know how you feel, Iíve been there too. I think the chances go up that you will have a late shipment when you do a massive order like that. Accountability is something we give up for a bargain when we buy on B/S/T.

Good luck and I hope it all works out in the end.
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The frustrating part is that I have almost everything but am missing the key parts to actually get any of it ready
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Life happens man. **** gets in the way of other ****.

Real life **** is more important to them then sending out your gear. Someone making me wait a few extra days to ship is no biggie to me, as long as its not a ridiculous amount of time and they provide info when they do ship and keep me posted on whats going on.

As long as their not bein sketchy its no biggie.

I've personally had things come up (like work) the day I have to ship and it delayed me sending out the item for another 1 or 2 days, for the most part if you keep people informed and let em know whats going on, and give them proper evidence/info when you do ship they will understand because Life happens.
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cue the rant of people whining about late payers. I know stuff happens in life (happens to me too) but come on ship when you say you are going to ship and pay when you say you are going to pay, its not rocket science.
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I'm going to be sorely disappointed with you if you neglect to mention your issues in feedback left for theses folks.
Originally Posted by pillage View Post
All you need is a sharpie to write vodka tampon on your junk and you are in like Flynn.

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When buying something off message boards, remember that you're not dealing with an online or brick and mortar retailer. These are people with lives, families and all kinds of crap that can delay shipment.

I am flexible to wait a week to 10 days for someone to ship an item. What I cannot stand however, is when the the post office gives me a piss-poor service and delivers my stuff late. That's a whole different ball game.
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I used to expect that if I bought an item that you would ship it quickly - like in a day or two. Then I realized the people I were buying from are not a business and I should not hold them to the same standards - they have a life, a job, etc. and shipping within a week (or so) is reasonable.
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My biggest gripe is communication. If you don't expect to ship for a week or whatever, that's fine. Let me know.

If I send a pm asking when it was shipped, don't ignore me for a week leaving me to wonder what's going on (even though you still have time to login and browse the fourms multiple times/day)

but I'm not bitter
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