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That Perfect Shot

Have you ever had that one shot you had that couldn't recreate if you tried? I'll start.

I played some outlaw ball yesterday with my new Nightkast sniper and this is how my first elimination with it panned out. A team mate and I hung back to wait for the shooting to start and then immediately hit the tapeline and worked our way around these two guys that had our front line pinned down. He signaled to me to take the guy on the left and he'd get the right. My guy was behind a tire barracade and they had no clue we were behind them. We stalked our way to withing about 75 feet and my buddy gave the signal to fire. My first shot barely missed to the right, but with all the firing going on he had tunnel vision and never noticed a shot hit next to him. Keep in mind that this fella was 350-375lbs easy, so as he was kneeling behind his bunker he had about 4 inches of arse crack smiling back at me. I lined up a quick second shot and aimed for the middle of his back. I watched the ball headed straight and true, but sure enough it started to drop. Lo and behold I nailed that dude dead center in the crack of the arse. He let out a yell that would've woke the dead. He was a good sport about it and I assured him that was not where I was aiming, but that made for a round of laughs at his expense at the end of that game. Not a bad shot for the first time out with a new marker.
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The first shot I ever fired in a game with my Phantom.

It was a big game and due to a reffing error we had been inserted in the wrong place, about half way up the field at the tape line. Members of the opposing team stood on a crest overlooking our position, but due to confusion and the great distance (in paintball terms) separating us, no-one was shooting. After some time of discussion about where to go, and with the other team still observing us, I grew impatient. I pointed the barrel at one of the players on the crest, and raising it upwards almost 45 degrees, fired. I saw the paintball drift lazily through the air and seconds later strike him in the shoulder, miraculously breaking.

There was a moment of quiet as he slowly examined the hit, then afterwards the noise of intense firing and shouting from both sides. The rest of the event didn't go very well for me, I only got a few more eliminations all weekend, but I remember this one very well.
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I have a very similar one, from yesterday at the West Point game. I was with a group defending the top of one of the fairly steep rises on the field against a group of eight or ten opponents, who were below us on the mountain by probably forty or fifty vertical feed. Even with the height advantage, I had to aim upwards with my Phantom to reach the most distance of them. One was standing in the open, about ten or fifteen feet back of most, and in a clear line from my position. No branches, no trees, no brush in the way. I lined up a single shot and fired, and had time to mentally write it off as a miss before this guy flinched, looked down, wiped his chest with one hand, turn, and walk off down the hill. Doubt I could do it again with all the time in the world.
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Yesterday, at the west point combat classic, I was in a perfect spot, just mowing down the entire other team (using my PMR 15bps ramping)...I pop out from behind a tree and start shooting when I see a guy who appeared to have no gun,about 30 yards away draw a pgp from a holster and in one motion shoot one ball from the hip and get me right in the hand! He was just as shocked as me but it was a great shot!
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i was trying to fire a "feeler" shot at two people who i weren't sure whether or not they were still in the game. with my lobbed paintball, i nailed one them in the side of the head. tuned out they both eliminated already. and both girls.

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A couple of years ago Onehitwonder and I played at a little field near Covington, KY. At some point in one of the games I realized I was the last player on our team. There were two players on the other team, one in front, the other further back. The front player moved up on me and I popped out of the bunker, lined up the shot, and ripped. He ripped back. And nothing happened.

Instead of painting one another in a satisfying blaze of glory, there was nothing but a weird yellow fog in the air between us. It was absolutely amazing. Just like in the movies, time completely slowed down. I watched the balls lazily jump out of his barrel and mine, float to the mid-point between us, and then pop in the air against one another.

The deadbox was right next to us, and all the other players were just howling and laughing. Even the other player on his team stopped and watched it go down.

Eventually (i.e., a second or two later) we both painted each other, but it was absolutely the craziest thing I've ever seen. An occasional ball strike midair is uncommon enough. But this was basically a rope on a rope.

Had some other weird and lucky shots in the past, but nothing that even remotely touches this.
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I remember that one CJ, nice shot indeed.
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Not me, but my best friend. I was reffing.

We were playing an attack/defend game and my friend was attacking. Rather than take the obvious approaches, he hauled tail all the way around the perimeter of the field (30 acres) and approached the fort from the back side. I was reffing the fort, and saw him come out of the trees behind the fort.

There was a big open field between him and the fort that he had to cross to touch the flag and end the game. The field was about 100 yards across, with no cover but grass about knee high.

Thinking everyone defending was looking the other way, he started crawling through the grass. About a quarter of the way across, he realized there was one guy sitting behind a bunker looking vaguely in his direction. What he didn't know was that the one guy was a first time kid who was scared out of his mind, who was hiding from the rather large firefight going on to the front of the fort. The kid was maybe 14, and wasn't even trying to look around.

My friend, thinking he was exposed and about to get caught in the open, draws up and aims at the kid from about 75 yds away. He had his barrel up high enough it looked like a mortar shot. He pulled the trigger and I saw the puff of CO2. He was far enough away I never even heard the shot. I watched the ball fly across the field, hit that kid directly in the lens of the mask, and bounce.

The kid jumped 10 feet in the air, screamed, and bolted straight to the front of the fort -where he promptly got lit up. I was laughing so hard I was crying. My friend crawled the rest of the way across the field and pulled the flag before anyone else on the other team had a clue he was there.

We both felt bad for the kid, but its still the single most amazing, on purpose, shot I've ever seen in paintball.

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omg sooooooo many.

1986ish....200+ foot (all down hill) gog shot with a K1 long barrel sheridan.
1987ish .62 call pump action m16 (will post pics of these.....found an old photo) in field we called the village a guy about 50 feet over in another building kept poping out and shooting I timed him and poped out when he wasmnt there fired and ducked back in he poped out in time to get a round in the goggs.
2005 playing .43 only 2 guys where making their way up the hill to our base and and seemed to wiping everyone out (there was lots of unhappy people coming off the hill talking about the 2 cheeters) I looked over at my TL who gave me the nod and off I went, found these 2 guys when I was running across the side of the hill and double taped them in the head as I ran past.
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just today actually, but i was at the field doing a 2on2 and i saw my firend hiding behind a blackberrybush so i line up the shot watch the orange ball enter the bush then a couple seconds after watch him stand up with a nice mark on him

the second guy on that team was eliminated by superstanchy
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