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Originally Posted by Gillymonster View Post
Heck, my biggest bummer moment is when this site goes down for its scheduled maintanance in 8 minutes.....

Quoted for Truth. I wake up early sometimes (4:00-5:00 AM) and I have nothing to do, so I try and check MCB. My heart sinks every time I can't access it.

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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Redheads, brass, and wood; it's an MCB thing....
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sounds like nokia or palm..... is your other os.

i run 3 cnc's at work quite often, i bust my *** all day, yet i still find time to look at mcb all day, like they say if you want something done give it to a busy man. i keep my phone in my shirt pocket and never turn the screen off
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only 3?!?!?
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LOL, it isn't any of those. But the good news is that I just saw their new product running on some new smartphones and I was absolutelly amazed at it! It looked even better than iOS.

It's not for sale here in Brazil yet (will be on August or September) but I should receive a brand new smartphone running it on October. Untill then, I'm gonna have to use the older version but I was also told that this one is already very different from the ones I've used a couple years ago and five years ago. Let's see.

As of now, being working there since last monday, I just couldn't access MCB during the day as there's so much for me to learn on my new position. Even if I wanted, I wouldn't have time for it.
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I used to be on for most of the day at work.

Then I transferred into Housing. Great job, makes me oodles happier and pays more- but I'm rarely around a computer anymore.

No way in hell will I get a phone that does anything more than ring. That's a pain in the *** enough to ignore. I figure that it's hard enough not to slack off as is. The last thing I need is another distraction.
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Eh, with tabbed browsing it would be stranger if I weren't on a couple of personal sites "all" day. I'm not always browsing, but the tab is probably open.

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I run VM's on my desktop at work to access client networks.

One of these VMs I use to VPN and RDC to my home machien where MCB is always open.

I've configued a mouse button to minimize the current window and have 2 x 24" monitors which is too much info for a person to take in, should someone sneak up on me.

Oh yeah, and I'm the guy watching the browser history/activity of everyone else - fox in the henhouse :-)
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If I'm at home, I'm on MCB.

If I cant sleep at 1:30 in the morning... I'm on MCB
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Since almost all of my "personal" business/hobby sales are done through MCB, I am on almost constantly.... Either at work, home, or the smartphone... AT&T hates the fact that *they* offered me an unlimited data plan for one of their major billing errors

Of course they always ask me if I am using an AT&T smartphone, and I reply no... It's a Tmobile phone

Seriously... MCB used to be open in the shop, until the "good" PC taht drove the CNC went all to crap


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