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Life as a Ref?

Hey all,

So whats it like? Working at a field that is? Is/was it demanding, difficult, exhausting? Is/was it what you thought it was cracked up to be? I want to hear your storys, I want to hear the pains and the rewards. I'm not looking for advice, just some insight into the Refereeing world. I guess it depends on a few things for the over all experience, but none the less I want to hear it.

I ask these things because theres a good chance that within the next two weeks I'll be starting work at Real Deal Paintball in Kemptville, ON. It would be neat to know what a guy would be in for.

Thanks all.

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Honestly, if you can use your hands, can talk to adults and have a head on your shoulders it's the most relaxing and possibly most fun you can have working. Theres also a kinda joy you get when you do an awesome job reffing, nobody fights and everyone goes home happy.

On the other hand I *%&!&%*(!&@%* hated it because you'll be working when all your buddies will be playing.

Overall it was a nice job but the lack of play time killed me and I snatched up the first day job that I could get.

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Background info: I'm 15, been reffing a woodsball field for 2 years and have been working the gun tech for about 2 months now.

Well my field is probably a bit different from most others, because as refs we get to play for free when we aren't reffing (or on occasion on company time and dime), and get to choose when we work but here's my insight.

-Get to play for free (for me)
- You get to learn more about the game and get to see angles you can't see as a player in the heat of the moment.
* On the above: Being a ref, I have become a better player by being able to see the lanes, angles, etc that I can't see when I'm playing. Knowing these angles will help you as a player in my experience
- The satisfaction of knowing that you help keep people safe and make their day more enjoyable. It is a good feeling seeing new kids and rentals leave with a smile on their face because you did your job well.
-As a kid (which I know you're not) it has taught me that I have to take responsibility for my actions (or lack thereof) and the consequences that go with it (making bad judgment calls, etc.)

-You get shot at a lot... I have been shot more as a ref then a player. I once had two renters come up behind me and shoot me point blank in the back of the head twice then go and brag to their friends (another ref overheard them talking about it) so that obviously wasn't fun.
- you have to think very quickly on the spot to break up fights, make calls on hits, etc.
- you have to be able to put everything that happened the previous week, day, hour etc and come to work with a smile on your face. (not sure if this is a con, but it is a skill that you MUST learn.) You can't be putting your issues into your calls or your attitude towards players.
-You gotta be able to stand by your calls and make them with authority (again, not necessarily a con, but a hard thing to learn)

Random points:

-I've made some great friends reffing.
-It will be one of the most fun jobs of your life if you make it.

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I've reffed a lot...sometimes you get free entry and get to play, sometimes you get to get free paint. A lot of times you can pick up the left over paint from birthday parties and stuff like that.

You'll get shot alot. I've been shot more as a ref than a player.
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When you have a good group of players and its not terribly hot outside its a blast. When you have a bunch of...special people...and its 900 degrees you wonder why you ever starting doing it. Overall I would say that it beat out most of my other side jobs but I stopped doing it on a weekly basis because it just wasn't terribly interesting financially.

If you get the chance try to ref big games, that was almost as fun as playing in them. Nothing cooler than being a base ref at Hell's Survivors.
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before the corps i reffed at 2 feilds. one was for pay (50$ a day under the table and free admission and highly discounted paint) the other was for sponsorship obligation (free admission, acess to the feild whenever we wanted it, free practice paint, and a case of paint per player per tourny)

If i could describe it in one word? "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Its frusterating. IDK why kids where im from cant keep their masks down but they freaking cant. Its good fun tho and you get to be around paintball all day and get paid to hangout with the guys at the feild you would be hanging out with anyway...but you get to boss them around lol
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I will warn you that at many fields, once you start working there it is nearly impossible to just show up and play. Every time you show up it can easily turn into..."Hey can you.......real quick?"

This is the single most frustrating aspect of having worked at my local on and off for a good while. I can't just show up and have a good time anymore without almost being expected to take care of slack.
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I reffed for three weekends about eight games total but once I obtained an actual job didn't look back. Although I'm sure it depends highly on the field and the attitudes of your coworkers, I had a really stressful time reffing. If it hadn't been for the $75 a day I wouldn't have come back. Basically the three or four 'veteran' refs would show up and do nothing and yet have the biggest cut for the day. The rest of us would have to do all the work.

The boss would show up for an hour every other day and yell or criticize all of us.
I managed to stay out of his way and do my job (as well as the other 'veteran' refs jobs), but still it was tough. Not to mention you are stuck watching instead of playing.

I agree with the bigballa, I definitely got shot more times as a ref than when I play.
Punkncat is right as well. I eventually stopped going to that field period because I would always be asked to ref.
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Yes, you will be shot, alot. Not always on purpose too. Me i did it once a month and got to play for free for the rest of the time I wasn't working. The only problem I had was my real job shifted hours to where i couldn't ref anymore. I miss it only because it was fun to do part time and I was one of the oldest (age wise) refs on my reffing team. My extra two cents would be study up on the rule set that your feild uses, so you make the right calls.
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The hardest part is generally missing out on playing.

If you're doing it to work one day, play the next : Great
If you're doing it to pay your bills : You don't have the budget to play anyway so it doesn't matter.

Alot of reffing has much, much less to do with paintball and more to do with your ability to herd people.

Typical example for me :

Start :
Explain the rules in triplicate. There's always one guy who isn't listening. By rules I mean "Their flag is THERE. Bring it HERE." and "Your boundaries are X Y and Z". Without fail every time I say go there is some guy who asks me where their flag is/what game we're playing/etc. Set up for your end of game "Alright everyone, the game ends on the whistle. The whistle means the game is done. If you hear the whistle, head back to (Wherever)"

Until it's go-go-go you are basically a 3rd grade teacher.

-Blow whistle. Sound air horn. Etc
-Monitor everyone. This is where ALOT of people take their masks off/do equally stupid things.
-One ref leading the people back to where you want them
-One ref behind the pack looking for barrel bags/masks/etc to make sure no shenanigans happen.
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