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Don't take a reloader or halo apart unless you know what you are doing. I tried to install a rip drive myself and it took several tries before I got the hopper working again. I haven't found much in the way of instructions or diagrams for rebuilding those things. Other than that issue, the sound-activated board is good, although with settings too high in cold weather, the loader will crush paint in the feed neck. The Invert Halo Too is a great tournament-level hopper that feeds at 12.5 BPS (all anyone needs) without any problem. I've gone months without having to change any batteries.

IMO the best loader is the VLocity on a zero-force setting. Every time I play with tournament guys, I see someone's $150 Rotor jam in the middle of a game at a crucial moment. A VLocity is $40 BNIB right now and will keep killing all day long. It is also relatively idiot proof. They can eat 9v pretty quickly if not on a zero-force setting.

The main advantage newer loaders seem to have is the ability to quickly taken them apart and clean out any broken paint. Doing that with the laster generation of loaders takes too long for a tournament situation. However, the easy solution to that issue is just to have a backup loader ready to go. you could have three loaders for the price of one NIB current generation loader.
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...We're talking about Reloaders not Reloader B's. Big difference.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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It sounds like you are looking for a reliable mid level hopper and I just got an Invert Halo Too, so far from 1 day of play and some drop tests it is a very nice budget hopper. Sure it doesnt have the quick clean capabilities, but thats what I got my reloader 2 in my bag for
I'd look into them if I were you, the shell is fairly tough by the looks of it aswell. Like I said, only downside like most lower end hoppers is cleaning, still gotta learn how to take mine apart before I just go and go it, dont wanna pinch any wires or something like that.
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