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They dont seem to really care about markers themselves. I packed three markers in with my clothes, told them, and they didnt do a thing to them the whole time.
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As a collector who lives in Brazil and buys a lot of PB stuff in the US, I can tell you how I've been transporting it over the years (just got back on monday with two complete markers and several other parts, including a new Micromag 09 body kit and a VER frame for my Chord Mag).

As others said, you can only transport the marker in the checked-in luggage and you must remove the valve from the tank. And that's about it. You don't have to declare it, you don't have to disassemble it (in fact, it's better if you don't as a paintball marker overall shape is very different from a real firearm and if you do, all they will see on the X ray will be a gripframe which can actually be confused for something it's not).

I've made several international travels with LOTS of markers in my bags and NEVER had a problem. I've already transported 10, yes, I said ten markers on my bags and nothing hapened. I've been stoped when I was geting into the airplane and questioned if I had a firearm on my bag (happened with an eMag). I explained it was just a paintball marker and that was it. I've been questioned once in the Miami airport by three FBI agents and again I explained it was a paintball marker. They asked me to see it, I've shown them and we all shared a few chuckles. They were doing their jobs and I was cool as I knew I wasn't doing anything wrong. I've been stoped in the Brazilian customs and asked to open my bags with 6 or 7 markers inside. I pulled one the markers and explained what it was and the agents let me go with no further questioning or problems.

The important thing is to remain calm and confident, answer the questions promptly and firmly and efectivelly KNOW you are not doing anything wrong by just transporting your daily paint slinger LOL.

Have a nice trip.
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Might also help if you refer to it as a paintball marker instead of gun, saves some confusion.
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True, indeed.
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I find that most non-paintball players don't know "marker". I refuse to use such a blatent example of word games that don't fool anyone. When I was surrounded in Detroit I never said "marker" and only "gun". It's not illegal and there is no punishment for it. They kept trying to call them firearms or projectile weapons and I corrected them each time; paintball gun, gun, gun.
I took pictures and wrote down names. They will not get away with stealing my guns.

What it comes down to is that many of the TSA agents don't know their own rules, although I think they have gotten better over the last few years.
To help them(and me), I print out and laminate a copy of their TSA paintball rules from their own website and put them in what ever case has guns or tanks. If they didn't know the rules they will.
Even if they want to give me a hard time because they're sadists, they can't because they know that I know.
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Originally Posted by pedro13 View Post
You can only transport the marker in the checked-in luggage and declare it everywhere. When I was bringing mine, they've put a "Firearm inside" sticker on my luggage and at every checkpoint they wanted to look and xray it. Otherwise there was no problem.

As for the tank, I've heard that you have to disassemble it, emptying might not be enough, so you might be better off using a borrowed tank.
As noted, declaring paintball equipment is not necessary by TSA rules and in fact usually causes you more trouble than it is worth. However if you have a milsim or very close replica marker, you may want to consider notifying.

Originally Posted by lancecst View Post
The reason the valve has to be removed is so everybody knows that the tank is empty. If the valve is on it is assumed there is air in the tank thus making is illegal to transport. Tanks are also not X-ray proof, X-rays will penetrate cf, steel and co2 tanks.
I believe the reason that rule came about was some people had smuggled some weed inside a tank
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