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Warrzone 05-16-2011 08:19 PM

Evolution of your markers
Hey guys

Just for fun list your markers from when you started to now and how you went about saving/scraping cash to get the next one

Yea I'm sure alot of you have gone though a crapload of markers if you dont wanna list them all list the most notable ones.

I always find it interesting how people go about getting a marker, had a friend that won one in a poker game...never played before...just won it in a poker game and thats how he got into the sport

Ill go first

1st) A-5
Like a good majority of people I started out with a a H.E Grip when it came out and a bunch of other upgrades for it, then i realized i spent a metric ton of money at the end of the day, on a heavy and extremely inefficient marker with horrible consistency.

2nd) TM-15
When the special edition came out went ahead and cashed in all my rewards points for it. (they gave me a visa gift card) Didn't actually pay a dime for it

3rd) Axe
Love the TM-15 but i wanted a space gun so i cashed in my coin jar that i had been throwing coins and dollar bills into (put dollar bills in it because if i keep them in my wallet i shove them in vending machines)

4th) ???
Not sure yet maybe empires next space gun, but im back to saving my pennies/reward points for the next one.

ApoC_101 05-16-2011 08:30 PM

from 1999 to present day

-bought a brass eagle raptor, used a few times
-returned raptor, bought a spyder compact
-modified spyder with aftermarket and custom parts which I bought or traded for, until I had the fastest bestest electronic blowback ever
-traded some of my parts for a '97 rightfeed mech cocker
-sold some parts and bought a VSC phantom after playing with a nelspot for a day
-turned the mech cocker into a pump action, and bought another sniper
-built a mech cocker from scratch for tourney use
-bought more parts to build more pump guns, parted out mech cocker
-joined MCB, started buying whole markers, but havent sold any of my own
-designed an improved pump gun after fixing and upgrading all of mine

present day: live in a paintball warehouse, surrounded by nice paintball guns I like too much to sell, and parts coming in to build hundreds more :thumbup:

Phobetor 05-16-2011 08:34 PM

1st was 98c starter kit, kept it all stock except a JJ barrel.
Used that for awhile until someone loaned me an OC phantom, loved pump so much that I picked up a phantom of my own, open class.
Then I wanted to try a Sheridan so I got a sniper it was alright but turns out Iím a nelson man so after a day I switched back to my phantom.
Then I picked up a stock class body for my phantom which is what Iím using now.

Warrzone 05-16-2011 09:19 PM

yea still havent sold off any of my markers.....sold a bunch of other stuff on MCB and a5og...but not the a-5 its self...

want to get into pump but no ones plays pump around maybe ill find something at my next command

Hawkeye20 05-16-2011 09:37 PM

Bought a Spyder MR1 for $75. Came with a gravity hopper, stock 12 inch barrel, 14 inch J&J barrel, a remote coil, and a 20 oz Co2 tank.

Bought a Spyder TL for $25. Came with a gravity hopper, 12 inch barrel, a out-of-hydro 20 oz Co2 tank, a green Diablo jersey, and an old 4+1 (four pods, one tank) pod pack (with two 100 round pods).

Traded the stock MR1 barrel for a friends Spyder Sonix Pro red barrel.

Traded MR1 with Spyder TL's barrel and J&J barrel for a REX Type-R with stock barrel and hard case.

Gave TL to a friend in need, along with my two remaining Spyder threaded barrels, and my Co2 tanks.

Got a free Ricochet AK hopper from someone who was giving it away (for my Type-R).

Got a free HPA tank from a good friend (LilShank) for my Type-R. Also got an Evil Detonator regulator for it.

Found a 150 round pod at the local field that had been sitting untouched on an otherwise empty table for several (at least four) hours.

Painted pieces of the hopper, and my pods.

Bought a new barrel for the Type-R (also from LilShank).

That's where I am now :D

I'm thinking about trading my Type-R, evil det reg, stock gas thru grip, hopper, two barrels, and (maybe) pod pack for a pump, but nobody seems interested... A Phantom sounds nice.... (I hope my hint wasn't too subtle)

Orpackrat 05-16-2011 09:56 PM

98 Custom, when though far too many upgrades to list but essentially it all came down to this:

Super RT capable of 20+ BPS, Fully upgraded Cyclone, 2 Piece Empire barrel kit, PTI Intruder Vertical Foregrip, Powder Coat OD paint, Folding Adjustable JCS stock.

Tippmann A5:

Won it and it came with 416 shroud, CAR stock, Random SP Barrel, Magazine, Red Dot. Removed all but the 416 shroud, added JCS folding adjustable stock, Metadyne Tri-Rail, BOA Concealer Barrel, Palmers Stabilizer, Metadyne HAVOC.


Modified into MP7 Body, Revy SportShot, First Strike Conversion.

SodaBread 05-16-2011 10:24 PM

1997 I bought a ProLite and added a SP Progressive barrel, then a Lapco BigShot.

2001 I bought a PT Xtreme.

2002 I bought a Vert Autococker, added a Revy and a BigShot.

2005 My entire gearbag was stolen, the only things not in it were the ProLite, PTX and my Flexes. I took a break until...

11/2010 - Bought a Mini, added a CP barrel.

01/2011 - Bought an 04 Angel Speed.

02/2011 - Sold the PTX.

03/2011 - Bought an 06 Ego

04/2011 - Sold the Mini to a buddy and bought a 04 ProStock Sniper

05/2011 - Bought an 02 Vert Feed Autococker, using the CP I bought for the Mini, added a Tippman SSL.

thumper 05-17-2011 06:52 AM

impossible, but I'm back to where I started - just like an old baseball glove.. nothing else feels right.

Shiner 05-17-2011 08:54 AM

1.Brass Eagle (sold)
2.Tippmann 98c
3.Pmr (sold)
4.DP Fusion
5.Fep Quest
-Traded 4&5 for Ego 9
6.Ego 9
-Traded for Droid
7.08 Indy (have)
-Traded for Revi & Karnivor
9.Revi (sold)
10.Karnivor (sold)
11.Cyborg Rx (sold)
12.Promaster (sold)
13.2k2 Spash cocker (sold)
14.Halfblock Cocker Pump (sold)
15.Angel A1 Fly
-Traded w/ $60 for Luxe
-Traded for EgoX
-Traded for Clone
18.Clone (have)
19.CCM T2 (have)
20.09 Indy
-Traded for Creed
21.Creed (sold)
22.Shocktech Nxt (need to sell)

I believe the above should be in chronological order! For the most part that is all of the guns I've gone through, I'm sure I left out a couple but that happens when you gun whore for profit ;)

PerceptIon 05-17-2011 09:13 AM

Okay these are ALL my markers i bought, didnt use all of them :p

1: Tippmann 98 custom, upgraded it with some barrel, double trigger tuned so it was super light (for a tippmann anyways), later i got a regulator for it, did some milling so it would actually cock at the low pressure xD.
2. I got this crappy VL marker with my 98 that i never used, turned it into a pump.
3. After a few years i wanted something with a bit higher rate of fire when all of friends started getting RTs and stuff for their tippys, so i bought myself an Angel Speed 2006 with some aftermarket board and stuff that i totally fell in love with, but only used for around 10 games or so...
4. Bought 5 old rental spyders and 2 old BE raptors for like 50$ that i intended to turn into pumps and get my friends to play pump... havent used a single one of them, i have only converted 2 so far.
5. Traded my 98 for a SP1 which i sold, never played with it but i was starting to get into my "**** electro pump for life" phase
6. Found 2 PGPs (in mint condition with the boxes and everything :D) for 30$ that i bought and sold one of them for 60$ to a friend, best marker ever and its still my primary, it replaced my angel xD
7. Bought a Maverick for those situations where i have to shoot alot of paint, but i never use it since my PGP is my bestest fwiend <3.

so now im one of those weirdos who ALWAYS play pump (most often SC pump with my beloved PGP) no matter what im playing against or if its going well, its just so much more fun.

oh did i mention im in love with my PGP? :D

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